Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin accepts the nomination for Vice President

"We tend to prefer candidates who don't talk about us one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco."

The VP nominee is supposed to be an attack dog and she sure sounded like one.

"the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull."
"Lipstick," said Palin.


Gort said...

First McCain threw out the experience argument with this pick now she buries the bi-partisanship fiction.

Coal Region Voice said...

RNC to date from the playbook:

1.) Trot out the Stepford Wives and hide from a hurricane.

2.) Bush speaks via link (damn couldn't he stay away) stokes a little 9/11.

3.) Romney (taxman coming) what about oil, food and gas? Rudy = 9/11. Huck - God is watching. Finally, Sarah "the Impaler" Palin.

The story that will stick with Palin are her millions in earmarks from DC lobbyist. To make an easy comparison, Shamokin City (or add any PA 3rd class city) has a budget of 2.4 million with a population size of about Wasilla. Shamokin would have received 11 to 27 million in federal funds!!!!(CBS reported 11.9 million.)

Player = yes
Reformer = no

mean old man said...

If only my two hippie daughter in laws had even a tenth of the class that this little lady has, I would be a happy man. After putting up for years with the lezzies Ferraro and Hillary (who already "was" President anyway) it's nice to see a real lady, who knows the value of a good family coming up to the plate. You can't do any better than a gal who knows how to skin a moose! She reminds me a lot of my Thelma Jean when she was in her prime. SO, come January we will not only have a strong Commander in Chief but a Veep who knows the value of being a real woman. Take that Liberals!!!! I hate you all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How can you people tout that Paul Kanjorski brought millions to Northeastern Pennsylvania but then use that same argument against Sarah Palin? Which way do you want it?

Every state is entitled to funding from tax dollars we pay. Federal agencies are charged with funding projects as part of their creation. What you have to decide is when money flowing to a state funds a worthy project or not? At some point that deserves the label of "Pork." Just because a state is able to garner a tremendous amount of money does not necessarily mean it is pork. She stopped the Bridge to Nowhere- $223 million. She unloaded the jet. How can you label what she received as pork instead of Alaska's portion? Is everthing that came into Pennsylvania "pork" or simply projects worthy of funding?

Kanjorski, on the other hand, has put pork in his own family's refrigerator- Cornerstone Technologies, Pennsylvania Micronics, AVA Solar, Cizitens For Action, Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, K & K Real Estate, KOR Holdings, Expenditures at the Great Wolf Lodge. Peter, Russell, and Paul, all nominees for the Hall of Shame.

Coal Region Voice said...

Ahh yes the Bridge to Nowhere, she stopped the project, but did keep the 233 million.

If you look at a 3 trillion dollar federal budget and 52 billion in earmarks, I believe the math comes out to 2% of the total budget. If Scranton, Wilkes-Barre or Luzerne got that money, the mayors and commissioners would heroes.

In PA, there is the system of sucking up to the federal level. Whether is was pork or not, it just proves Palin was a player all along.

Anonymous said...


C'mon man tell the whole story. Palin kept nothing. Congress dropped the specific earmark over an investigation of bribes in California that led to an outcry which made people look at all earmarks. Congress kept the money for Alaska road as part of a broader transportation bill. It was Senator Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young who saw the money was there, not Palin. How can a Mayor or Governor force a spend by the federal government? Let's be honest here.

How can you even spin that over to Sarah Palin? The transportation bill contained $24 billion in earmarks.

Young was issued the Golden Fleece award not Palin. When you read this article you don't see any mention of Palin.

[In September 2007, Palin's office issued a new release saying the governor had "cancelled all state work on the Gravina Island bridge project, which gained national fame as a symbol of what critics said was wrong with federal budget earmarks."]

She did help secure funding for $8 million in federal funds for the town of Wasilla but how many local communities hire employees to get grants for their cities, townships and boroughs?

If she didn't secure the funding people today would be saying she was an ineffective Mayor who couldn't accomplish anything.

How much is that Riverfront Development projectRiver Front project and the Wyoming Valley Levee-Raising Project? Did you say $200 million - 70% from the federal government? $140 million hmmmm.... but that is okay because it is us...

Everything seems to be "pork" unless the pig is in your own backyard.

Coal Region Voice said...

Compared to the town of Wasilla, and the population of the Wyoming Valley 200 mil vs. 27 mil? If it stops one major flood was it worth it?

Anonymous said...

in her role as Mayor it was her job to get money for her city! in her role as v.p. it would be to stop them. different roles require different approaches.

prsent said...

ATT: libs

Please answer one question: What real accomplishments does Obama have? Please name one significant thing he has done in his political career to justify running for President of the United States.

prsent said...

To Anon 4:12, while you're dealing with a different level, you're dealing with infrastructure nonetheless. I'm sure Palin did a better job as mayor taking care of the roads in her city than Rendell did in 2006 and 2007 and Micky Mouse did in the 90s as mayor of Wilkes-Barre combined. Leighton still isn't doing a great job with roads either. By the way, why are the local townships taken care of better with republican power than democrat? Forty Fort, Kingston Township, and Kingston versus Wilkes-Barre, Plymouth, and Nanticoke for example.

Anonymous said...


No one ever said the allocations out of Washington were per capita based.

However, your comment is exactly my point. Not all projects that are funded needed a legislator to attract the money. Some of them stand on their own merit. Obviously the levee project is one of them.

Now, as for the River Front project I like what Renita Fennick stated in one of her editorials in the Times Leader. If you are a business and you get federal or state money what makes you more special that another owner of the same type of business who may be struggling? In her piece she used a restaurant as an example. Hazleton has an amphitheatre proposed; There is one proposed with this Riverfront project. What makes one more worthy than the other? The money being put into the Irem Temple; I am sure the Elks or the Moose would like to have the same opportunity with their structures.

Barry said...

I was hoping in the spirit of bipartisanship that McCain would have named Hillary as VP. But from what I have seen Palin fills out a bikini better than any VP candidate that comes to mind. My wife is planing on writing in Hillary and some days that sounds like a good idea.

prsent said...

Allocations are one thing if they are brought before the legislative process and through proper, conventional means via appropriations committee. Who says that there can't be a fast track to emergency funding, as opposed to bullshit methods utilized today? There should be enough funding already established for emergency situations like Katrina. If there is something unsuspected, why can't there be emergency fast-track legislation established to solve the situation immediately - the key is to put a time frame of x amount of days on a defined emergency.

Anonymous said...

barry you are not only an asshole you are sexist. demean and dismiss the individual by making a lecherous remark.
please write in hilary and then go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barry said...

It is always fun to see the drivel that people who lack the guts to sign their name will write under the cover of "Anonymous". Would I be sexist to suggest that Dick Cheney would not be a welcome sight in a flag bikini even if he was hold a rifle as was Sarah Palin in the image that her people have put out.
You can see the image that she is floating at:

Anonymous said...

Haina haina give me more government please as I am now used to it. Make more illusionary promises that you are going to cut taxes for the lower and middle class while promising to soak the rich. Yah haina haina give it to me, I'm from Luzerne County keep me stupid, impoverished, and entrenched.