Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More debates about debates

The latest dustup in the Pennsylvania 10th CD race is about GOP challenger Chris Hackett's latest ad with Hackett saying " “I’ve challenged Chris Carney to numerous debates, but unfortunately he refuses.” The Carney camp objected and fired out a press release saying that claim is false because there is a debate scheduled for October 30th on WVIA. Like all challengers Chris Hackett wants as many debates as he can get and like most incumbents Chris Carney wants a few as he can get away with. I'm with Hackett on this one. I think there should be at least 3 debates but now that Hackett has decided to make it a campaign issue the chance of that happening are zilch.

I think the spot is a mistake by the Hackett campaign. You don't want to get off the issues and start arguing about process. It tells me that Hackett thinks that he is behind and wants to change the conversation, too bad he can't pick a running mate that knows how to shoot a moose.


I've asked both candidates for an interview. If they can't agree to debate each other they should at least agree to answer a few questions from a concerned citizen.


Anonymous said...


Do we even know if the people in that commercial are voters in the district. In the Times Leader it said "Four other people, whose names or hometowns aren’t used, make comments about Hackett’s challenge. The Hackett campaign declined to identify the four."

That is strange right?

Anonymous said...

The guy in the picture with this topic is an attorney with Rosenn Jenkins and Greenwald. They must be thrilled to get this kind of exposure - not.

Anonymous said...

Hackett got where he is by distorting facts, making outrageous accusations, and paying evangelicals to deliver the votes of their flocks.
Mainstream Republicans are disgusted with him..
That Attorney in the photo is a good guy that has been drinking the "Hackett Kool Aid"
His firm should be embarassed..