Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Who's running for President?

With the media all agog over Sarah Palin it's hard to remember that the GOP nominee is John McCain. More information keeps dripping out and some of the more outrageous claims have been debunked by Newsweek.

False Internet claims and rumors fly about McCain's running mate.

But that left wing rag, The Wall Street Journal, calls her out her lie about stopping the Bridge to Nowhere.

Record Contradicts Palin's 'Bridge' Claims

Gov. Palin, who John McCain named as his running mate less than two weeks ago, quickly adopted a stump line bragging about her opposition to the pork-barrel project Sen. McCain routinely decries. But Gov. Palin's claim comes with a serious caveat. She endorsed the multimillion dollar project during her gubernatorial race in 2006. And while she did take part in stopping the project after it became a national scandal, she did not return the federal money. She just allocated it elsewhere.

Palin has attracted a lot of fans among my Republican friends including our old pal KAR:

John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate is starting to look like a brilliant move. Democrats constantly harp about how they are the champions of diversity, yet a closer examination of the recent record reveals that republicans actually provide opportunity as opposed to just talking about it.

· First female Supreme Court Justice? Sandra Day O’Connor, appointed during the Reagan Administration.
· First African -American Secretary of State? Colin Powell, appointed during George W. Bush’s administration.
· First African -American Female Secretary of State? Condi Rice also appointed during the current republican administration.
· Second African -American Supreme Court Justice? Clarence Thomas, appointed during George H.W. Bush’s administration.

Democrats will tell you that none of these people actually count because they are conservative, that they actually setback the cause of women’s right and civil rights due to their conservative viewpoints…come again?

Apparently to democrats it doesn’t count unless you’re liberal, unless you buy into the whole victim mentality, achievement doesn’t matter, continuing the “struggle”, and establishing a mind set that allows the “struggle” to continue is of paramount importance.

Now we have Sarah Palin, a genuine human being if ever there was one. A working mother with 5 children, a “god-fearing”, gun toting, hunting and fishing, breath of fresh air. If this is the type of person Obama was referring to when he described rural folks as clinging to their guns and religion then please let’s get more of them running for office, it would be a refreshing change.

Palin must be a good choice, listen to the level of attacks against her by the democrats. Paul Begala questioned McCain’s sanity, nice of them to be so concerned, but Palin starts to look better every day. I thought it was amusing that Palin was criticized for not writing her acceptance speech and using a tele-prompter. Joe Biden knows a thing or two about using the words of others, and I’m quite sure both he & Obama have used tele-prompters.

I believe that a lot of American women are looking at Palin and thinking that they have a lot more in common with her than the likes of Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. Palin, I believe, has struck a chord with main stream women, women from both parties.

Look at the candidates, judge them by their actions, and decide for yourself which party has a proven record of inclusion. I believe that many people, including democrats, are looking at McCain/Palin and thinking that they are the ticket that represents change, genuine change.

And Dr. Joe has a series of posts backing her.


PJ the WB Lefty said...

Nice to see KAR back...about something other than the 10th...even though I for one like his rants on that subject...
Here's the thing with Sarah... Breath of fresh air, compelling personal story, that's all great. Where does she stand on the issues?
A few simple questions for KAR...and I'll give you 3 softballs...where does she stand on:
1. Global warming
2. Teaching Creationism in school
3. the Georgian conflict
(OK...2 softballs and a slider).
While her personal life seems like that of the everyday woman, her political beliefs are, well, you tell me. They aren't exactly mainstream.
This folksy charm only goes so far too. I can see it now....VP debate...
Moderator: Ms. Palin, please tell us how you would attempt to broker a deal between Palestine and Isreal regarding the West Bank.
Palin: Um, did I mention I sold my plane on E-Bay?
This is also lest we forget the VP nominee. I assume when people go in the booth to pull the lever ultimately it's for the name on top of the ticket. Quayle didn't lose it for George HWB, and Ferraro certainly didn't help seal a win for Mondale. If there are people out there voting for Palin strictly on the basis of sex alone, and were old enough to vote in 1984, I hope at least you're consistent and voted for Mondale because of Ferraro back then as well....
And as far as the party of inclusion, take a look at footage from the conventions. Look at the faces in the crowds at the Democratic shindig and Denver, and compare that to the makeup of the crowds in the Twin Cities.

prsent said...

Wow, KAR said something positive and without sounding like a complete jackass! Who actually wrote this?

NEPAExpat said...


Here's the answer to all of your questions:

None of it matters.

The National Democrats are under some impression that this is a policy debate. The American public at large doesn't care about any of these things, because they don't matter. Hard lefties will vote left. Right wingers will vote right. The extremes care about your questions, but no minds will be changed.

The middle is what will decide the election again. They're too busy watching their paychecks stretched to the limit. They're probably going to vote McCain because the Democratic party can only speak in fairy tales.

Universal health care will go away quickly when no one wants to spend a decade of his/her life and $250k to be a doctor that will make as much as a social worker after taxes and student loans.

No one will want to bring in productive jobs when capital and dividends will be taxed through the roof...while those who gained millions through fraud will walk away free (Democrats love donations from Realtors(TM) and Mortgage brokers).

People will gladly hang on to the flag and "patriotism" with every last breath because they believe they would go down fighting with the right than willingly give up from the left.

It's not about values or policy positions. It's about symbolism. Those who will vote for McCain want to grasp at some vision that is faltering by the day. Hope only changes the favored class, where the middle is left behind.

In any event, IMHO, the choice of Palin is the death knell to the Clinton legacy. Obama wins, and 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling are paved over for another 24 years (when the next viable female candidate will be Jenna Bush). McCain wins, and Hillary makes Ralph Nader look like a flea that was a mere bother. Bill will eventually be remembered as the whipped man who couldn't stop Gramm-Leach-Bliley from ruining our banking system.

professor milburn cleaver, opa said...

Although the tide of Presidential elections historically have nary a thing to do with the running mate, Mr. McCain has proven to turn that tide with his selection of young Ms. Palin. In a single stroke, Mr. McCain has taken control of the "Hillary Factor" and made it his own, leaving poor Mr. Obama on a deserted island with only his dreams of becoming President. As I have stated time and again on this blog, young children are fickle at best and it seems that even some of them are being attracted to this surprise female superstar. Unlike Mr. Obama however, Ms. Palin does possess executive experience as well as a folksy speaking ability that (unlike Mrs. Clinton) puts people around her at ease. I had predicted this election for Mr. McCain long ago, when it seemed as if Mr. Obama would ride a tidal wave to the White House, I am happy to finally be proven correct.

kar said...


With all due respect, I don't know Palin's stance on the issues you mention. I presume we will all find out more about her in the coming weeks.

The Israeli-Palestinian conlict? That's a tall order for anyone, regradless of political experience.

Global warming? Even the most strident "tree-huggers" are now referring to it as "climate change", and in my opinion the jury is still out on that one.

I know one thing though, Presidents and Vice-Presidents don't operate in a vacuun. They have their own core values & beliefs and they supplement that with a cadre of advisors.

Palin, or what Palin represents, is what's important here. She appears to be a genuine outsider, and possibly a genuine agent of change, that's what is resonating with voters,and what has the democrats running scared.

nepaexpat; interesting comment about the "glass ceiling", can it only be cracked by a liberal democrat?

Doesn't a conservative woman rising to the office of Vice-President open doors for other women?

I'd like to tell you to go screw yourself, but that would be rude.

I'm a republican, some might say a RINO, but I'm a proud republican. My issues were/are with Chris Hackett, that hasn't changed, nor will it.

I do my own writing, always have always will.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.



Palin has turned out to be a formidable choice for Mac. I would not be at all surprised if he spends 90% of his time on the road with her (he would be stupid not to). THe latest polls show a 10 to 12 point gap with women that favor Mac over Obama--if Barack can't fix this he is toast. If I were advising him I would tell him to get off of his ass and start running commercials on the abortion issue. Sarah's view is extreme to say the least. I would storyboard the commercial in this manner:
Have a young girl walking alone in a dark alley whilst a scary looking dude lurks in a corner. Switch to shadows to show the two struggling and then place a voice over: "Young Katy Jones was walking home when a degenerate beat and raped her; as if being beaten and raped was not enough, now Katy is pregnant with this thug's child. Repulsive yes, but what is even more repulsive is the fact that in a world Sara Palin wants us to live in, this young girl will be denied an abortion and forced to have this pervert's child. So much for family values."

Well, that's what i would do and I think it would hit home with a majority of these women who are flirting with Mac.

Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

With all his usual stupid remarks it now looks like the Al Capone town hook boogie is going down in flames.

His act of messiah has worn off as he no longer talks about his programs.

Dr. Harold McGrane said...

John McCain; I know this man. He spent seven years in a tiger cage surviving on pumpkin soup. He has periods of dementia; he is unbalanced. He has had many dalliances with women while his sainted wife sat home in a wheelchair. He met his present wife in a bar and they both smoked reefer on many occasions. He wakes in the middle of the night with cold sweats, the product of his incarcaration many years ago. He has been known to have a hot and irrational bout with temper and cannot be trusted to be rational in crisis situations. Here in Mr. McCain we have a man who is morally diseased. This is the man the GOP has chosen to be President of our country???

Zen said...

As usual, a leftist douchewaffle, just feels compelled to belittle the imprisonment and torture of a veteran. Dr. Harold Mcdouche, you are a sorry excuse for an American.

Gort, as a favor to all, please delete that jerkoff's post. It is people like him that do my party's recruiting for us.

prsent said...


You always have a way with words, don't you: "I'd like to tell you to go screw yourself, but that would be rude." I think you just did, but that's OK because I know behind your empty words you're not as well versed in politics as you claim to be. Perhaps one day you can learn to shoot your mouth off after you gain some knowledge.

You admit in your last post that you don't know enough about Sarah Palin but automatically label her as conservative - that's a dangerous position to take. Nonetheless, let's bury the hatchet and allow me come to your defense.

On global warming, Sarah Palin is quoted to say that she would be the "one though who would attribute it to being man-made" but is willing to be open to scientific evidence proving otherwise (Science Christian Monitor, 2008).

Sarah Palin believes that creationism should be taught in schools in addition to evolution (Lang Report, 2008), as taught in many Catholic and Christian schools. We learned both in King's College's astronomy class and it didn't kill anybody to hear conflicting opinions.

As far as the Georgian conflict, there is no documentation to indicate that she made any opinion on the matter.

Anonymous said...

RE: Dr. McGrane; you may be a little over the top on MCCain, but what about Palin and her secessionist husband? Both are associated with a far right wacko who put it on record that he hates america, where's the outcry??? Liberal press my ass!! BY the way, I am so sick and tired of the crybaby, whiny, book banning Republicans. AMerica is a free country, if you don't like what we say go somewhere else!!!! After all Mac spent seven years in a cage to defend my right to do so (not to mention also, because he was a lousy pilot).

pj the wb lefty said...

nepa ex...I'm not under the impression that this is a policy debate. And that's what puzzles me, although I think as the campaign goes on policy and substancee are going to be drawn out and personality and biography are going to fade. The questions I posed were really more hypothetical. I don't know of any stance of Sarah on Georgia, and that's the point. At some point the fact she's a hockey mom will become less important (I hope) than the issues. pope george I think at least has the idea....highlight differences on issues. I think the Palin Biden debates are going to be more about policy than the McCain Palin team would like. Same goes for the McCain Obama debates as well...

NEPAExpat said...


Sorry for the misunderstanding. The scenario of no viable female candidate for President in the near future (probably another 24 years) would be the result an Obama victory. Academic feminists aren't in any rush. It's easier to raise money complaining all is wrong when there is no accountability for making change. Besides, the first female President will be on the conservative side (e.g. Thatcher and Meir).


This is a political campaign. There is very little substance. If people can't sum up a candidate in less than 10 words, that individual is likely not to win.

Here's some examples:
"No New Taxes"
"It's the economy, stupid"
"Bringing dignity back to the White House"

We live in a short attention society looking for soundbites. We as a country fall for the titles of newspaper articles when the content contradicts the message. Obama went away from his message of being Santa Claus (free healthcare, energy independence without drilling, and save us from the giant mistaking of overpaying for a house by $400,000 because Donald Trump said real estate is the path for riches for everyone) and the poll numbers dropped. Obama has realized he can't deliver and the message has changed.

At this point, the election has come down to the PTSD suffering, graduated 2nd from the bottom at Annapolis, Keating 5 Scandal suffering "maverick" with the unknown GILF ready to turn a failed Geena Davis drama into reality versus the I grew up in Hawaii, prep school attending, Harvard graduating, what's a community organizer anyway running, only in the Senate because of Jack Ryan's willingness to wife swap, voting 150 times present, only here to social climb Senator with a policy wonk running mate who's had more failed bids for President than Pat Paulson.

Most people have a crazy relative who is still there mentally, but may catch a few war flashbacks here and there. They know how to control them and keep the damage limited. No one knows how to limit the damage from the other guy if he gets on a roll.

That's how much of the other America sees the race.

Unfortunately, the Democratic party on the national side puts too much credit in the country's ability to reason. There's an old saying that no one ever went broken underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

Just put Idiocracy in your Netflix queue PJ and stop being so surprised why things are turning out the way they are.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for McCain now. Hopefully he'll keel over the day after inaguration. Then kar can go jerk off meuser. Go Sara Go!!

pj the wb lefty said...

At least Charlie Gibson got the Georgia answer out of her...
Answer: Bomb Russia.