Thursday, September 11, 2008

A moment of silence


I remember where I was that day.


Michelle D said...

I was taking tech support calls for epix that morning. A lot of people were calling because they couldn't get on to CNN and news oriented websites because of what had happened. The irony is, none of us knew either, until another TSR sent out an email with the info. We had no TVs in the place.

The world was a very different place that night. I remember being afraid to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Keep that post in mind. We should never ever forget the lives lost and the living affected. God bless those that left us and those who are hurting among us.

kar said...

I'll always remember what a beautiful morning that was, warm & sunny, a perfect late summer day.

Sitting at my desk, my wife called to tell me about the first plane hitting the Trade Center, and how no one knew what was happening, then the second, and then the Pentagon...I remember thinking "my God we're under attack".

No one in the office was talking, everyone was trying to get on the CNN web-site, then the reality settled in, a feeling I'll never forget.

We closed early and everyone went home to be with their families, driving home a few hours later that beautiful morning had gone terribly wrong.

I got home and put our flag out, it seemed like the right thing to do, hard to believe it has been seven years.

God bless the families who lost loved ones and grant them peace.


Zen said...

I remember sitting in my office when the UPS driver came in and told us a plane had crashed into the Trade Center. I managed to get a news link with video and couldn't believe my eyes. When the second plane hit all of us here knew that it was no accident.

As a nation, we should never forget or forgive the actions of those radical islamists.

prsent said...

I get too emotional sharing my story about 9/11. I know 3 people who lost their lives in the towers that day... for what??? for going to work??? to support their families???

Every time 9/11 comes to my mind, I can't help but think about how - after 7 years - we still haven't found Bin Laden, thanks to failed leadership. I am afraid that every day we lose without finding the bastard we are one day closer to another terrorist attack on our home soil.

Anonymous said...

I remember it all too well and too clearly, as most people I guess. I was having a cup of coffee, watching the news and reading the paper. All of a sudden the voices on the tv changed and I looked up from my paper to see the events unfold.
Shortly after 9/11 I went cross country on a planned vacation. I saw the American flag in sunflower fields of North Dakota, hanging from bridges over highways, cornfeilds carved into "God Bless America," For one brief moment we were all one in our pain.
Maybe it's times like this that we need to calm down and realize we all want one thing, a United States of America.
Peace n love