Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The speech not given

PA-10th CD candidate Chris Hackett was scheduled to address the GOP convention yesterday but as we all know the activities were curtailed because of Hurricane Gustav.

Below is the remarks he was planning on giving:

Good afternoon. It's a great pleasure to be here.

I bring greetings from Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. My part of Pennsylvania has lots and lots of small towns filled with people who
Barack Obama says are bitter and who cling to things like guns and religion.

Well, I can report to you that Barack Obama is wrong. The people in our
area are hard working, patriotic, optimistic, wonderful people. The only thing that makes us bitter is liberal politicians like Barack Obama who want to raise our taxes, waste our money on pork
spending projects, and refuse to expand American energy supplies. That's what makes us bitter.

Today, we face many difficult challenges as a nation: A soft jobs
market, choking energy prices, Islamic terrorists, and a federal
government that wastes our tax dollars.

But in John McCain, we have a candidate for President who is up to those challenges. In fact, John McCain is uniquely qualified to tackle them.

Not since Dwight Eisenhower has there been a candidate who is more
qualified to serve as Commander in Chief than John McCain. And never has there been a candidate for president with John McCain's track record when it comes to fighting wasteful government spending. In over twenty years in the Congress, John McCain has never asked for a single earmark. That remarkable record gives him the credibility to lead our Party back to its fiscally conservative, pro-taxpayer roots. More importantly, it gives John McCain the ability to lead our country back to a position of financial strength for this generation and the next.

We can succeed in dealing with our challenges, but we need true
leadership that will take us in the right direction, not the left. As a
candidate for Congress, I look forward to serving with John McCain to defend America, stop Washington's out-of-control spending, and bring us true energy independence.

All of that will begin when Pennsylvania provides the 21 Electoral
College votes that put John McCain over the top on November 4th.

God bless you and God bless this great nation.


Zen said...

Imagine the stir if Dam Meuser speaks. I think hackett's head would asplode.

Anonymous said...

Arizona has missed out on their share of earmark spending in this flawed system for 20 years, it has changed nothing, and Hackett thinks it's a great achievement. That is what he wants to do to the 10th. He is a club for growth zealot and quite scary.

Anonymous said...

i think after the um and ahs and ers and the basic butcher of the english language that Mueser usually does, everyone's head in the room would explode.

D.B. Echo said...

Man, I wouldn't want to have to clean up that mess.

Zen said...

anon 4:51, I think Dan would have to add about 15 uhs, ers, and ums to catch up to the average Obama speech when he isn't reading a teleprompter.

Anonymous said...

i like the reference to Eisnehower, anyone who is a true conservative prefers him to Regean any day

Anonymous said...

This is the hight of hypocracy for the Hack. This self centered boob attacks O'Bama for saying people in rural areas are "bitter" then in the next sentence calls the people in NEPA bitter.

"That's what makes us bitter"