Sunday, September 28, 2008

Off topic

I've been receiving emails over the last few weeks asking me to post about various issues such as cluster bombs, land mines or feeding hungry children. I'm sure that they are all worthy causes and I'm flattered that you think that a post on this sight will further your cause. But it ain't gunna happen. This is a blog about local politics and sometimes some other stuff but I rarely ask my readers to spend money on something. I think I know my audience and like me you are all a bunch of tightwads.

A new twist on this arrived in the inbox today asking me to review the website for some product. They offered me one of their gadgets or a cash payment for doing so but didn't offer the product to take out for a test drive before I write something. Pretty lame.

However, if Apple or some other manufacturer wants to give me a new lap top to try out and review I'm willing to lower my standards.

I will also entertain offers from the Ford Motor Company, Toyota or General Motors.


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What about offers from Anheuser Busch?