Monday, September 22, 2008

Why aren't these guys at work?

I spotted Senators Joe Lieberman, Arlen Specter and Lindsay Graham at the Senator John McCain event in Scranton today. Senator Bob Casey was also in town to hand out a check for the new Medical School. A check of the news shows that Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden are also on the campaign trail.

With the government about to pass a $700 billion bank bailout that has to be approved by the Congress shouldn't they be in Washington working on it? The Seante is in session.

I just read that the plan is now going to include foreign banks. What the hell, why don't they also bail out Boscovs?

If you have bad assets you'd like the government to take off your hands. And remember, when estimating the value of your 1997 limited edition Hanson single CD "MMMbop", it's not what you can sell these items for that matters, it's what you think they are worth. The fact that you think they are worth more than anyone will buy them for is what makes them bad assets.

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Coal Region Voice said...


How was the crowd at the Cultural Center?

Gort said...

The place was rockin'

I also ran into the host of the Sarah Palin for President show which used to be called the Whoring for Hillary Hour on WILK. He must have been there to pick up his check.

Zen said...

I posted a great link from Bloomberg about the mortgage and financial problems. You may want to give it a read.

see you at Mark's.

Gort said...


You posted a lot of links today.

Anonymous said...

G- I believe the answer to your post may lie in the fact that not one of who you have mentioned, both Republican and Democrat, sit on the committees in sensitive negotiations with the White House. Go to and look at their bios. Until the package is worked out being in Washington will serve no purpose. Of course, with all the names you have mentioned you could say the same thing.

Gort said...

McCain and Obama should be part of whatever they are cooking up. The next President will have to deal with the aftermath of this.

Anonymous said...

Gort, don't disagree with that statement but you are just illustrating what I have been saying all along about Washington. Washington is the problem. McCain,Biden, Obama, Hillary, Kanjorski, all insiders who are part of the problem not the solution.

If you believe Obama has the answer to me he leaves more questions. This is one election where I wish we could pull a none of the above.

It would solve the insane money being spent on this campaign. Obama is at $468,841,833. McCain is at $248,346,867. All told the race for the Presidency excees $1 billion by alot.

If you honestly believe they care about you and me it ain't happening. The National Association of Realtors two weeks ago gave Paul Kanjorski over $234,000.00 That amount has mushroomed to $980,000.00 in that time. So do you think the Realtors are there for you and me or them.....

Anonymous said...

the link for the data on Kanjorski because I believe in the facts.