Friday, September 05, 2008

Pet Blogging

I haven't done one of these in a while.

My blog buddy Dana sent his daughter off to college and replaced her with a cat so now he is asking for some help coming up with a name.

Common Sense Political Thought

I was busily typing away at the computer, minding everyone else’s my own business, when Mrs Pico arrived home from work at about 9:00 this evening; in her arms she had a dark grey male, six-week-old kitten, with white paws. Said kitten has yet to be named, so I’m asking everybody to contribute a name suggestion for said kitten. The winner will get a free subscription to Common Sense Political Thought.

I'm in:

Please don’t name him whiskers or socks.

I like political/historical names.

The Egyptians worshiped cats so our guy is named Ptolemy. Ptolemy was General in the army of Alexander the Great who declared himself Pharaoh of Egypt after Alexander’s death and founded a dynasty that lasted until Cleopatra VII had a fling with Julius Caesar.

My last one was Idira Gandhi. The only explanation for it was she was too pretty to call Margaret Thatcher.

Our Golden Retriever is named Humphrey after the Vice President. Although Mrs. G disputes that and claims the name came from the Disney cartoons. My last guy was called Gorby because when I was living in England I spotted a tabloid that nicknamed Mikhail Gorbachev that just after he came to power. I said to myself…that doesn’t sound like the name of a President, it sounds like the name of a dog. So I got a dog and named him Gorby.

Pharaoh is not a bad name for a male cat or use a name of one of the Pharaohs.




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