Thursday, September 11, 2008

Luzerne County reassessment

Lawyers, lawyers everywhere and ...............they will make money.

Reassessment opponents to hire lawyer

Pa. court weighs state's property tax assessments

They may tie it up for a while but in the end we will pay more in property taxes and the esquires will be better off.

I paid our property taxes today and we got a $211 reduction from the slots revenue. That is good but why is only half of this money is dedicated to property tax relief? The other half is to go to "economic development projects" that the rest of us call Corporate Welfare.

Some examples:

The new hockey arena in Pittsburgh

A fantasy Airport in Hazleton

Part of the money is "EARMARKED" to help the host towns deal with the problems that arise from having one of these money pits such as traffic control, wear and tear on the roads plus the anticipated increase in crime. From what I see the Mohegan Sun Casino hasn't had many negative effects on my little hamlet of Plains Township. We have actually benefited from the place because more than 20 streets have been paved since the cash started flowing in. The best benefit for me and my neighbors is that the cost of a case of trash bags was reduced from $75 for a case of 50 to $25.

Thanks Suckers

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Michelle D said...

I got a 200 dollar credit on my taxes for my house in Hanover Township too. I was kind of shocked because they were already kind of low. Oh well. I'm not complaining.

I can't remember if it was because of homestead or slots. I already sent it into my mortgage company.