Tuesday, September 09, 2008

PA 10th CD update

The big news is that the TL is reporting that Laura Bush will be in Moosic for a fundraiser to help out Republican challenger Chris Hackett. No details yet but I expect it to be an invitation only affair with lots of coverage by the local TV stations. I'll keep an eye out for my invite. Too bad Jenna or not Jenna don't do political gigs, I would pay to see that.

This past week Congressman Chris Carney put out 2 new TV ads that the Hackett camp critiqued here.



This 2nd spot I think is effective. Who favors lead paint in toys or child pornography? It also play up his bipartisanship pointing out that the bill passed 416 to 0.


Anonymous said...

Agreed- second ad more effective. I looked at Hackett's ads and they are simply attack ads again. Apparently he does not learn. First one was good about bringing jobs and investment- he will be hitting hackett on both- no earmarks mean no investment and be sure Carney will play up the fact that Hackett overstated his bringing jobs to the area, backed up by the company (brought up in the primary). Carney is running a clean campaign, nice to see after the Hackett attacks and lies from the primary. I am Republican but will be voting for Carney.

Anonymous said...

Gort - maybe Hackett will comp you on this one. it's $1000 per person, and they aren't getting too many takers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gort, It's a bargain ... Only $5000 for a picture !

She should be out helping hurricane victims...

Hackett has offended so many people in his own party that he can't even find a sponsor in his own district. I'm sure he'll come up with an excuse for that .. Maybe something like "we had to be close to the airport"

Don't expect tough questions from the TL.. They give him a pass on everything. They have it in for Carney