Saturday, September 06, 2008

YouTube weekend

Oops, they did it again.

The Republicans have run into more trouble this time using a song introducing their celebrity VP candidate.

Republicans Lack Heart!

Ann and Nancy Wilson are pissed at the Republican Party and have fired off a cease and desist letter to the McCain/Palin campaign. Specifically, the Heart women are upset that the GOP has used their classic "Barracuda" as a theme song for Sarah Palin. TMZ obtained a statement from Heart's rep, who says "The Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission."

Heart - Barracuda (Remastered) (HQ)


Anonymous said...

this is kind of a B.S. stroy becuase the campaign may not have asked permission of the singers, but they are ot done anything illegal.

I belive ounce an artist puts a song out, the public can play nit for free as long as they are not seeking profit.

But i think I heard the campaign is paying royalties

Gort said...

All the typo's. Is that you Bill?

stokely carmichael said...

What's this story about Palin calling Obama a Sambo?

Anonymous said...

Bill who, he works for a member of congress and does not think posting on the internet is a good idea.

He will let let you know if He will be in NEPA anytime soon. It was his third choice after Tom Ridge and Bobby Jindal,

Ridge is obvious PA would be in the bag, but i think he would be ridiculed for the color scheme(not his fault and Brownie was on TV saying Ridge was great during Hurricanes 4-4 in 2004 while Chertoff sucks) and hope is McCain wins he is sec Def or State maybe even AG.

Jindal is more experinced than Obama, He was presdient of LA state college system, high up in the U.S. department of HHS he was elected to congress to same year(2004) and has a few months of executive expereince, and showed he can bve bipartisan and work with the mayor of the Choclcate City. But Bobby could be accused of dissing his state after a few months He would be a great presdient, but a horrible campaigner. So he needs to build up his credentials first.

Anonymous said...

On Sarah Palin I look to History as my guide.

Who was the president to ever take office after the death of the president?

Not the WINOs(whigs in name only)Tyler or Fillmore, Not T.R., Truman or either Johnson, but one John Calvin Coolidge. He was govoner of Mass for just 2 years and before that he was a stae rep, lt gov, and mayor. Palin's work as mayor is comparable also based on our states lt gov, we know it means jack shit. I would argue her experince as oil commssioner was more importnat than state rep.

Also both were conservative reformers. Coolidge supported women's sufferage and direct elections as Senators. As Presdient he supported the Indian Citizen Act.

Also only one time in hisotry has either party ran with a Senate Govoner ticket and that was Harding Coolidge and it won. The Senate/Seante Combo is 1/2(i think) Kennedy/JohnSon won Kerry Edwards lost. I dont know if it menas anything but it is intersting


The only thing that Silent Cal did right was to drop out of the ,28 Presidential race because he saw the wall street crash coming 'round the mountain. He also did a great job during the 1927 hurricane (they had no names in those days) by doing absolutely nothing. Hey, if that's what the people want, Mac is back!! Bless you all.

pj the wb lefty said...

Republicans LOVE to use songs that were written for some entirely different reason than what they were originally intended.
Reagan tried to use "Born in the USA" even though it had nothing to do with his message (it was almost opposite).
McCain was using "Little Pink Houses" and there's a line in about how some kid dreamed of becoming President and that's all it ever really was. And Hannity probably wins on this using Hornsby's "The Way It Is". Obviously Sean never listed to any of the words except the chorus. What a knucklehead.