Friday, September 26, 2008

Who won the debate?

I have a poll on the sidebar. Tell me why your guy did better than the other one in the comments.


ng2000 said...

Valuable resource of debate news summaries:

pj the wb lefty said...

One interesting side note...
Biden was all over the cable channels afterwards, and I caught at least on network say they made the same offer to Palin but she was taking a rain check...

Anonymous said...

Go to and click on the video " highly informative video" Heres the link

It will tell you all about the housing crisis that led to this financial crisis...don't be mislead by the media.

I went to the Iowa caucuses. They don't look at candidates as Republican or Democrat. They look at them on the issues.

When Obama looks at a veteran and tells him about the war the debate ended for me. It's easy for some essay writers to give you script. Its not so easy when you are getting fired upon.

Forrest Gump said...

PJ, I saw the same thing and on CNN they made a point to say an invitation was offered up to her to comment on the debate and her camp declined. As far as I'm concerned after that Katie Couric interview the other night, I think she made the right move. It is inevitable though, because Thursday night we get to see how much she doesn't know. I hear her strong suit is international affairs; because she lives so close to Russia and Canada. That sure is a strong background.

As far as the presidential debate goes all Barack Obama had to do is show that he could hold a conversation. Foreign policy is supposed to be McCain's strong suit. I think that neither one won outright. It was more of a tie. I did get sick of hearing Obama agree with McCain on so many different things and then McCain kept saying Obama "doesn't understand. Gort, you should have had a third option (tie). I only chose Obama because there was not a tie option.

NEPAConseravtive said...

McCain hands question about it.

BTW, Where is Barry getting his talking points from these days, the Huffington Post, Crooks and Liars, Lindsay Lohan ?

Game on !


It was inappropriate for Lehr to interrupt Obama mid sentence in order to "get you guys to look at each other."
In many ways Obama was a bit too congenial to Mac; much in the way that Dick Nixon was to JFK in the first great debate. Interesting point: history proves that JFK had absolutely no respect for Nixon and it is quite clear that Mac has no respect for Obama. In other words, don't kiss the ass of an opponent who disrespects you because it ain't gonna change his mind and it certainly ain't gonna win you the election. Nevertheless, no major gaffes so both live to fight another day. What happens in the Veep debate is insignificant because expectations are so LOW for Palin that all she has to do is to draw a breath to come out credible. Bless you all!!!

NEPAConseravtive said...

Just out of curiosity pope G ... When you say the Veep debate are you talking about the Biden Roast ?

professor milburn cleaver, opa said...

Watching Sen. McCain lecturing last evening was quite a rewarding experience, not only for me but mostly for his pupil Mr. Obama. Viewers were treated to the wisdom of a seasoned and honorable statesman in Sen. McCain and watched in dismay as the young whippersnapper Mr. Obama cringed and stuttered his rehearsed answers. It must have been an enormous disappointment to the little children who had waited for this evening for quite a long while; but as the saying goes, a good dose of bad medicine is good for the character in the long run. With the proper upbringing todays whiney children can be tomorrows productive citizens. I am certain that in future elections that the youngsters as they grow into adults will choose much more qualified politicians to throw their support towards. Perhaps they will even come along to support Vice Pres. Palin when she is nominated in 2016. I know that I shall! Class dismissed.

Anonymous said...

I am a conservative and what I saw was Obama looking like he could be President. I did not say that I agreed with him but he did not have to win. McCain had to come out strong and I did not see that. Adding the economy to the debate helped Obama and hurt McCain. The earmark issue was addressed quite well. Only 18 billion total- eliminate it and we are still down 400 billion for this year alone.

The VP debate is a no win for Biden- destroys Palin and people will say he is a mean sexist. If Palin stays with Biden or wins- She and the Republincans win. Do not underestimate her.

Vic Daring said...

Obama was smooth, congenial, knowledgeable, and Presidential.

McCain was cranky, impatient, and filled with contempt.

Obama will get a measureable bounce from Debate 1.

Right Winger said...

A few things I wish someone would answer for me.

#1 Chris Dodd, who is chairman of the Senate Committe on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs served on that committee for 26 yrs. He is a member of the party who is controlling the house and senate. Yet, everyone is accepting that all this financila mess is Bush's fault. Why is he getting a pass??

#2 Why is Palin getting attacked for lack of experience whe she is going up against and "experienced" Bidon? Bidon is a lifelong member of the same congress that McCain is being blamed for screwing up America with.

#3 Did anyone catch when Obama accidentally called McCain "Tom"? If it was McCain that accidentally called Obama by a different name the media would have led off every report with claims the man is losing his mind. Why did Obama get a pass?

#4 PA is under the second term of a Democratic Governor, NEPA is entrenched in Democratic rule, yet all the Obama campaign ads running in PA blame Bush for our financial problems. Why do people just nod their heads and agree?

And last but not least, can ANY of you out there give me at least one GOOD reason to vote for Obama with specifics other than stupid comments like "we need change, he's going to fix the country, we can't afford 4 more years of Bush, yadda, yadda, yadda. I want SPECIFICS. Please, convince me.

Oh, and on a personal note, someone ripped my McCain bumper sticker off my truck and stole my McCain yard sign from behind my fence. Why do Democrats feel it's acceptable to tresspass or vandalize other peoples property while clearly breaking the law?
Someone please help me out here.

Vic Daring said...

I'll take a shot.

#1: Is it the Dems or the GOP who harp about less regulation being the answer to everything (at least until this week)?

#2: Palin isn't being attacked for lack of experience. She's being examined closely and as that's happening, she's being found to be dishonest, small-minded, and generally lacking.

#3: The moderator's name was Tom. Please try to pay attention.

#4: Pennsylvania is part of the United States of America.

#LBNL: On Health care - I have a basic philosophical difference with Republicans on this. I believe the market does NOT have all the answers and that government has a role to ensure access to quality health care for all Americans. On Education - See above comments on health care. On Energy Independence - I beolieve "drill baby drill" is nonsense that will keep us sucking the oil tit for another generation.

Personal note: I guess the same reason someone saw the need to remove the Obama sign from my yard. And all Obama signs from all yards for blocks around my neighborhood. I can tell you this: Anyone caught on my property might learn an unexpected and unpleasant lesson about this liberal and the Second Ammendment.

Right Winger said...

Thanks for replying. Now let me answer your replies.

#1 Yes, the GOP harp about less regulation. And who voted this down today? Even though it's Obama who keeps using the term "main street bailing out wall street."
#2 She's not being called out for lack of experience? We must be watching different news channels. She's being hammered for "only" being a governer. Why was that ok for your "God" Bill Clinton when he ran for President. Please enlighten me and give me examples of small-mindedness and dishonesty.
#3 Yeah, I know the moderators name was Tom. Go back and watch the tapes. Obama slipped up and called McCain Tom.
#4 PA is part of the united states. Why are there so many other states much more prosperous that us?

And LBNL, you keep thinking along with your liberal buddies that people can't take care of themselves and the government needs to take half our income away from us and spend it for us. I'm doing ok. Alway have been I'll work two or three jobs if I have to. I'm not going to wait for the government to pay me to sit on my ass like all you welfare recipients.

And, on my personal note, I think we agree on something. If I find someone ripping my property off my truck or trespassing in my yard to take what is mine, they'll find a foot up their ass and they can go to the local ER and use their medical assistance to get it removed.
Have a nice day.

vic daring said...

A last rejoinder before bedtime...

#1: The Dems voted for the bailout. The GOP voted no by a 2-1 margin.

#2: If "only a governor" were the hammering point, it'd be a pretty weak one, since 4 out of the last 5 Presidents were governors. Maybe you're just mad seeing her scrutiized and your perception is off. Dishonesty = Her oft-repeated line about that bridge. Small mindedness = Her sneering at accomplished individuals and her cutthroat methods of dealing with people who dare oppose her.

#3: Actually, the moderator was "Jim". I don't know who the hell "Tom" is. My bad.

#4: Lots of reasons other states might be doing well, right now. The shift of our manufacturing base overseas; elder population; migration to warmer climates...Besides, how many states are really "much more" prosperous than us?

Not Least: Why do conservatibes always overstate that bit so badly? The strawman you're lighting afire would be bad policy indeed. Good thing I never said anything like it.

kar said...

Uh..there were 90 plus democrats who voted against this particular piece of legislation, so laying it at the feet of republicans is not totally accurate.

Included among them was one Christopher Carney, and frankly whatever his reasons, I won't fault him for his vote.

I think anytime you're talking about committing 700+ billion dollars you shouldn't rush.

I'm guessing there is plenty of blame, bi-partisan blame, to go around on how we got here.

pj the wb lefty said...

I have two very simple questions as long as that seems to be the gist in this thread...
Has John McCain come around to believe in regulation now?
Who is the leader of the Republican party? Who's calling the shots?
And the veep debate is a no lose for Palin. Expectations are rock bottom, plus now they can say Gwen Ifill is in the tank for Obama. I think she'll be even handed. And the McCain camp agreed to her, even though her book (not on Obama specifically) has been in the works for months, so they had to know about it wouldn't they? Unless maybe the McCain folks vet their debate moderators as thoroughly as they vetted their Vice Presidential candidate...hmm....