Saturday, September 06, 2008

YouTube weekend

How John McCain picked Sarah Palin with a 3PM phone call. This is funny and not safe for work.

Is McCain Palin's Bitch?

More Sarah stuff and Andrew adds to the speculation. Plus I got this in the inbox.


Anonymous said...


Give equal time to Joe Biden- Why did Biden's 1987 Presidential run fall apart? Plagarism

He voted for BLANKET amnesty which means the criminals get to stay here.

In July 2007 he claimed to be shot at in the Green Zone but had to "revise" that claim.

April, 2007 He said the surge wasn't working and the President "refuses" to see it. Obviously he was the one who refused to see it WAS working. Read the rest of how that all worked out for him. Some foriegn policy expert.

Anonymous said...

Now the latest on his real estate deals from a Wilmington newspaper- the place where I was born-- Analysis: Biden's wealth in his house
Senator benefited from 2 deals with supporters

D.B. Echo said...

Gort, don't miss Sara Benicasa's "Sarah Palin VLOGs"!

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