Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New PA polls


Obama 48% McCain 43%


Obama 54% McCain 39%


Obama 50% McCain 42%

Lycoming 10th CD only

McCain 46% Obama 37%


Obama 286 McCain 190 Ties 62


Coal Region Voice said...

Unfortunately in the 10th CD, we are still clinging to our guns and religion as we watch the credit crisis grow.

Forrest Gump said...

As of 10/2/08, according to the same electoral map, Florida has now moved towards Obama. If this keeps up Gort may be proven right. Can anybody say landslide. Also, the Biden-Palen debate could wrap up this whole thing tonight if Palin has another Katie Couric performance. Even the most right-wing Republican has to admit if she provides the same vague answers she did in the interview; questions have to start arising about her qualifications.


The problem with tonight's debate is Gwen Ifill is writing the Obama book and this is nothing but good news for McCain. If she does bad, well how could she not when such a partisan is asking the questions. IF she does good, well we know the rest. This is why the Mccain camp is not protesting Ifill's role this evening. A landslide is out of the question as the country is divided 50/50; of course,the pendulum swings toward Obama now but it is likely to swing back towards McCain by next week late. In other words, election night shall be a long evening. Bless you all.


The "she" I am referring to in previous post is Gov. Palin; here in the Vatican office the Cardinals frown upon political use of the Office computer so I have been rushing. Forgive me Father.

Right Winger said...

Mr. Gump, I agree. However why isn't anything being said about Biden telling Couric about Frankin Roosevelt going on TV in 1929 to talk to the public about the stock market crash. Since Hoover was president and there were no televisions, why was this acceptable?
Or are we republicans just rewriting history to make Biden look bad?

vic daring said...

Biden's comments did get pretty good coverage.

The difference is, withing a few days he had given several more interviews and talked to probably dozens of reporters on other matters. So the news cycle moved on.

If the McCain campaign ever quits treating Palin like she's made of glass, she'd benefit from the same movement.