Sunday, October 05, 2008

Carney hits Hackett hard

The latest TV ads from incumbent Democratic Congressman Chris Carney (PA-10)have slammed Republican challenger Chris Hackett over taxes his companies paid late and now got personal about his hiring of an illegal immigrant as a housekeeper. Hackett has been quoted lately calling Carney a "Pelosi puppy" but these new spots are more like a Rottweiler chewing his limbs off.

When this story first broke in the spring it was after Hackett made a big deal of Dan Meuser's company, Pride Mobility, hiring 3 illegal immigrant over a decade ago. When asked what her name was he replied Suzy but claimed not to know her last name. That answer strained credulity especially when he said his wife paid her by check without withholding the necessary taxes. When I asked him about it just after this storm broke he still claimed not to know her last name. C'mon Chris, do you really let someone into your house without knowing who they are? And if she was paid by check I'm sure you can look a cancelled check or the register to find her last name. When I interviewed Hackett last September he took a hard line on illegal immigration but he later said "People who hire help like housekeepers or yard workers generally don’t check if they are legally allowed to work in this country.” Most of us have never hired a housekeeper or yard worker so we really wouldn't know.

Carney's man in the street ad works better than the ones Hackett has been running because the people are identified by name and location. The spot Hackett is running saying Carney has done nothing features people who appear to be actors reading a script. I would post it but the Hackett camp has stopped posting them on YouTube or the website. Bad move.

This spot ripping Hackett a new one leads off with Tom O'Neil who was a backer of Dan Meuser in the primary.

Man on the Street

And the DCCC hits him again on the tax issue.

Chris Hackett: The Rules Just Don't Apply (PA-10)


Bob Kelly said...

Im sorry, but we all knew Hackett was the wrong person when he chose to alienate over 1000 people and their friends and families who work at Pride by spreading false stories about the company. I never vote straight ticket and this time I'm going to pay special attention to make sure I vote for Carney. Especially since he voted against that disgusting bailout last week!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hackett's the puppy in this race, and Pat Toomey's holding the leash.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing that will come out of this race is that pat toomey is finished in politics. pat claims to know what the people want- if so a Republican Senator said "if this was true, Pat Toomey would be a sitting Senator from Pennsylvania."

Very effective ads- will play very well in NEPA. I would compliment Carney's ad people but the target is so easy.

Anonymous said...

the next Carney ad needs to show a picture of Hackett's real house - the one in his new ad where he claims to have paid his taxes and fired Susy is well below his standards.