Thursday, October 30, 2008

The fact of the matter is ...Nancy Pelosi is a liberal

I should have run a drinking contest for people who watched the 10th CD debate tonight. Every time Chris Hackett mentioned liberal or Nancy Pelosi you take a slug and every time you heard Carney say 'the fact of the matter is'... take another belt. The problem is Hackett mentioned liberal/ Pelosi at least 18 times and Carney said the "fact of the matter is" least 24 times and I'm sure I under counted. So if you took my advice you would have been under the table after a half hour.

I will have a serious write up of the 10th CD debate and a prediction tomorrow.


prsent said...

The first 20 minutes made promise of a spirited debate. Hackett somehow seemed to get under Carney's skin. Carney often seemed a little irritated while answering questions and providing rebuttles.

Carney did have his good moments though and had many opportunities to throw a few punches too. Carney won the arguments around earmarks and the overall political process. As a former professor of political science at several good universities, Carney would be expected to dance around Hackett (or any challenger) when it came to these issues. Hackett's campaign should have prepped him better in these areas or advise him to stay away from them altogether.

Hackett clearly won the arguments stemming around economics. As an MBA, he has a clear understanding of textbook economics and its real world application. It should be no surprise to anyone that he could stand his own ground in this realm.

Carney made one fatal mistake. When asked how to resolve the social security crisis (that within 10 years there will be 3 working people for every person receiving social security), Carney responded by saying that "we should put people back to work" - he intimated that retired people and baby boomers should go back to work as a means of resolving the social security funding crisis. Carney erred by not recognizing the fact that it is because of the baby boomers retiring that this shift is occurring.

pj the wb lefty said...

For someone so schooled in economics that runs an employment agency he should have known that hiring an illegal and paying her under the table was a tad illegal, no?