Sunday, October 05, 2008

SNL makes it official

Sen. Biden and Gov. Palin go head to head


Anonymous said...

A s amn who live din Wilkes barre for 4 years I gress with biden Sranton Sucks it is a hell whole. Go Wilkes Barre

Big Dan said...

Where's the SNL one? Whaddya expect? We're just a coupla mavericks! Maverick & Maverickette! We'll be fixin' everythin' when we start Maverickin' around in there! We won't be raisin' duh white flag, we'll just be Maverickin' 'round in there! Fixin everythin' by Maverickin'!!!

Big Dan said...

All schmeriousness aside, picking Palin for his VP will go down as the biggest goof-up in history. If McCain picked anyone but Palin, like say: Romney or Guliani or anybody, he'd be coasting right now.

No one ever heard of Sarah Palin before McCain picked her, not even McCain.

All you people out there who are saying she's great...YOU NEVER HEARD OF HER! Before McCain picked her! Don't lie!!!

Don't LIE! You never heard of her! I didn't! And neither did you! But, somehow, she's "the best", "exactly what we need", etc...


The Twelve Lies Of Sarah Palin by conservative Andrew Sullivan:

The Twelve Lies Of Sarah Palin

Right Winger said...

It's funny how the Dems are full of double standards. Preaching "Change" but being critical of Palin because she's not an insider.
Complaining about McCain being in office when everything got screwed up but picking a VP candidate that's been there right along with him.
It's totally fine to make fun of her for being in a beauty pagent but that's not "sexist". Say ONE word against Obama and you're a racist.
Double standards. Just like we always get from the Democrats.