Thursday, October 02, 2008

The business end of a breadline

A guest post.


By Mean Old Man

I'm angrier than Sarah Palin at a PETA rally over the way the Liberals in the congress are trying to shove the Wall Street bailout down our throats!!! Our beloved country is becoming so sissified that we have to be coddled for every damned mistake that we make!!!

I'd like to say that in my day we didn't have bailouts but I'd be lying to you. In my day we saw the birth of the bailout, what with the Commie FDR stealing the election from good ol' Herbert Hoover (now there was a President!!) back in 1932. Once the original elitist took the oath of office he threw the blanket of government all over our lives!! The WPA, CCC, and the NRA (not to be mistaken with the National Rifle Association--a great true American organization); all those acronyms were thrown into our lives faster than a groundhog falls after a blast from Thelma Jean's shotgun.

It used to be that before FDR's time if a bank failed it failed. Throwing your money in was a risk that you took and if your money was lost it was lost; and you loved it!!!--I remember my sainted Mom managed to put a few dimes a month into the local bank so that my stupid brother Hugh (who was a Liberal, by the way) could get a suit for his graduation. By the Fall of '29 she had saved a whooping $15 dollars and my old man wanted to withdraw it so that he could buy a new rifle. Well, ol' Ma would have none of that, so she hid the bank book to make sure that Pops couldn't get his hands on it. She had put the cash in the bank in the first place so that he couldn't find it during one of his annual household searches for beer money. To make a long story short, the crash came that October and all of Ma's money was gone. I love my Mom, but you know what? Serves her right!!! Anyone that would trust his or her hard earned money to some crooked banker has what's coming to them!!!

But then the silver spoon-fed FDR comes along and says "I can fix this; I'll just use the hard earned tax dollars of the common folks to insure these losers who use banks." Real smart, real commie. Damn!!!!

It used to be that when you failed in this country you got up by yourself and if you didn't you were going to be stomped on. That's what made America great! Washington wasn't looking for a handout at Valley Forge, Ol' Hickory wasn't asking for charity during the Battle of New Orleans, Honest Abe wasn't reviewing stock options during the Battle of Antietam. These were real Americans who knew what the stars and stripes stood for; not wimpy crybabies depending on the milk of Lady Liberty's bosom to survive. Double Damn!!!!

Now it seems as if everybody is at the troth wanting to drink--even some Republicans!! Our great President is even in on it (I needed a double six pack of Steg to accept the news). As far as the next President is concerned, well you know where I stand on Barack but McCain ain't no better with his support of this Bolshevik bailout.

So, all you leftists who read this anarchists web site I am going to let you in on a little secret: I AM VOTING FOR AND URGING ALL GOD FEARING, LOYAL AND PATRIOTIC AMERICANS TO VOTE FOR THE HONORABLE BOB BARR OF GEORGIA FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! Of course, even I know that he doesn't have a prayer of winning, but whoever wins we are going to end up having to fend for ourselves anyway. Besides, it will be good for the young punk kids to finally experience the joys of misery. No more cell phones, I pods that play hippy music, computers and on and on. Say goodbye to all of that you hoodlums and say hello to the breadline!!!!

So, all you prissy liberals enjoy the failing economy. Maybe you could use your bank books and stock certificates to fire up the old stove this winter to keep your pinko butts warm. As for me, I'll be sitting by the fire resting after a heaping helping of Thelma Jean's Opossum Casserole topped off by her champion biscuits; thinking of the greenbacks that I have stored safely on my property (be your own banker and you'll be your own creditor), popping open a Steg and listening to the soothing sounds of Perry Como and his version of Brother Can you Spare a Dime spinning on the ol' trusty victrola.

That's my bailout; that's my America. Good Luck all you subversives, say goodbye to your commie credit cards and welcome to my world. I hate you all!!!!!


NEPAExpat said...

It gets better. For example, the Bank of Shanhai can take its bad loans from overseas operations and move them directly to its US subsidiary. The very next day those bad loans will be eligible for the bailout.

For more detail, try and find the interview done by Larry Kudlow of Rep Brad Sherman. We're bailing out cronies and the rest of the world. We're stuck with the bill.

Zen said...

my lord, not to threadjack, but I was the subject of a full on dailykos assault today. It was the most fun I've ever had with my pants on!!!!!!!!