Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet the candidate

From the TL:

Candidates to discuss local job outsourcing at Thursday meeting

With the nation’s economic crisis front and center in political campaigns, local elected officials will participate in a town hall meeting Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at Genetti’s Hotel and Convention Center in Wilkes-Barre which will focus on the need to save manufacturing jobs and stop them from being shipped overseas.

U.S. Reps. Chris Carney, D-Dimock Township, and Paul Kanjorski, D-Nanticoke, Republican congressional candidate Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta and state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Wilkes-Barre, will join local business leaders at the meeting, which is being sponsored by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a non-partisan partnership of leading U.S. manufacturers and the United Steelworkers.

It looks like successful local businessman and Congressional candidate Chris Hackett has been left off the program of this non-partisan event. According to this story Kanjo and Mayor Lou will be in the same room at the same time. The last time they were scheduled to appear together was last Wednesday at a NAACP forum at East Stroudsburg University but Kanjorski cancelled at the last minute.


Anonymous said...

It's one-sided discussion at best. Someone like Dan Meuser needs to be invited to this event to explain the realities of the global economy. The area doesn't need jobs for people to produce things. We need more jobs where we sell high yield corporate bonds, Back Mountain real estate, and other high-paying financial instruments.

Anonymous said...

Old School R says

The NAACP people were furious.. Kanjo got cold feet and didn't tell them until 10 mins before the debate.. Before that he said he would only show up if the format were changed to each of them making a statement and leaving .. He is afraid vto be in the same room with Barletta .. Barletta will trounce him Kanjo cannot defend his bad behavior and thievery... Hope this helps Kanjo to lose Monroe County.. What an idiot !

Anonymous said...

where was the supposed financial expert- Chris Hackett?? He wanted all the debates with Carney but he did not show up here. Amazing. Could it be that Carney would have hit him on replacement jobs including some he replaced with illegal aliens. Hackett claims to bring jobs to the area but only replaces jobs and then claims to bring C3i to the area and the CEO says he is lying. I wonder why he wouldn't show up