Thursday, October 02, 2008

Phils win

Phillies 3 Brewers 1

Cole Hamels retired the first 14 batters he faced and went 8 scoreless innings giving up only 2 hits. The home team scored all 3 runs in the 3rd on a muffed fly ball and a bases loaded walk. Hamels was pitching a gem but Cholly decided to go to his closer in the 9th who proceeded to give everybody a heart attack. Brad Lidge gave up a run and then got 2 whiffs with 2 men on base to end the game. Cole hit the magic 100 pitch mark that the new wisdom of baseball dictates that a new pitcher must come into the game. I'll say it again, Whoever invented the pitch count should be shot.

There is a lot on the line in this postseason especially for the politicians.

From GrassrootsPA

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle wagered Miller beer and sausages that the Brewers would win and our own Rapid Edward offered up Yuengling and cheesesteaks in return.

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Chris said...

We goin' World Series! We goin' World Series!