Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The World Series will continue tomorrow. The game should have been called in the 5th. I think we have just been phucked.


PHILADELPHIA - Game Five of the 2008 World Series will not resume tonight due to inclement weather. Game Five is now tentatively scheduled to resume on Wednesday evening at 8:37 p.m. (ET), weather permitting.


NEPAExpat said...

Been rooting for the Phils to win, but there is no way baseball was going to end a World Series like that. The Phillies should pull it off, but ending it like that would just be another line of asinine decisions made by the Commish. After the All-Star tie, the show will go on.

Philadelphia just has to win it on the field and eliminate any doubt.

Gort said...

The game should have been called before it became official after 5.

Anonymous said...

g is right the came should have been suspended with a 2-1 phillies lead, there is a conspiracy against the phils the only call that wnet thier way was in a game we won by 8 runs

Bob Kelly said...

8:37?????? Huh??!!! Why such and odd time?????
OH, that's right, no liberal hollywood here.
The game will be delayed a half hour so everyone has the chance to watch the Obama Half Hour "here's a bunch of lies" primetime special.
As much as it pains me, I will listen to the game on the radio instead of watching it on FOX. I refuse to partonize them tomorrow night since they actually bumped the game back for Barry Obama.
So all you cry babies that feel FOX is too far right, there's proof otherwise. They disrupted an American tradition to make way for Obama's 1 million dollar a spot infomercials.
Now, if he was going to show us his birth certificate or explain why Chicago leads the rest of the country in murders this year but he's done such a great job or why he refuses to admit his long relationship with Ayers, then I would watch.
These have to be the most expensive infomercials ever.

Zen said...

jeez bob, tell us how you really feel.
the reason obama needs the tv special tomorrow is to finish programming his supporters. he has spent more than the gdp of many nations to become dictator of amerika. you don't want him to take any chances, do you?

or are you like me, and passed on the special koolaid?

Coal Region Voice said...


Do you think Cole should stay in the game with the extra days rest or gear up for a possible game seven?

I have too many visions of past Philly Phuckups in the past. I was on campus when Nova won in 85. Oh what a feeling.

prsent said...

Yes, Bob, they delayed the game so that we can all watch probamaganda.

Michelle D said...

Maybe this will give some extra time for Cole's hand to recover after it was hit with the baseball when he bunted last night.

At any rate, it should have been called in the 5th.