Monday, October 06, 2008

Questions for Carney

I will be meeting Congressman Chris Carney for a chat on Thursday. If you have any questions you would like me to ask him please leave them in the comments or send me an email.


Anonymous said...

Ask him about the Feith-Carney Memo that gave George Bush the wrong information which led to the war in Iraq. This is the memo to Sec. Rumsfeld that said there was credible evidence that Saddam had WMD's and was involved with Al-Quida. Even though the CIA said that none existed before this memo and meeting.

Anonymous said...

Ask him what it's like to run against a bigger lying scumbag than Don Sherwood in Hackett.

Zen said...

ask him if Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should be sent to prison.

ask if Pelosi is really as batshit crazy as she seems.

ask if he feels his fellow members of congress, republican and democrat alike, that voted for the failout knew that it was loaded with pork. and if so, should they be sent to prison.

ask if he finds it hilarious that the first lady came to town for a $1000/head fundraiser for Hackett and the turnout was pathetic.

ask if he reads my tripe. lol

Anonymous said...

As a retiree whose retirement fund is now down 40 percent, I wonder how long he planned to stonewall the bailout bill? Next time around we need an honest Democrat in the 10th.

Big Dan said...

Ask Carney why Chris Hackett wants to privatize social security, ban birth control as well as abortion, have prayer in school, and continue Republican deregulation...and why Chris Hackett is such a dick, too.

Gort said...


I would ask Hackett those questions but he won't agree to another interview. That's a pity since our last chat went so well.

NEPAExpat said...

anon 7:32,

The bailout does not and will not help. It gave time for connected players to close out their positions. Sorry your retirement is down 40%, but the problem all along is that these assets were overpriced. The stock market doesn't go up only because we want it to. Since 2001, the growth of the economy has been a total mirage. Half of all new jobs created in California were real estate related. Tell me how is that good for economic growth and capital formation.


For the good Congressman, I would probably ask if he has seen the errors of his ways favoring ethanol as a fuel light of its direct correlation in skyrocketing food costs?

On the other hand, at least he made the correct decision voting no on the bailout even though the $700 billion is already lost (market has lost over $1 trillion in "value" since legislation passed).

Bob Kelly said...

Ask him why doesn't he just keep grinding Hackett in to the ground.
I saw Hacketts latest commercial where he was crying about Carney's adds that weren't true.
Hey Hackett you scumbag, how does it feel. That's all you did to Meuser in the primary. Lied about Pride and all of their employees. You blew any chance the Republicans had of taking this seat back.
Oh, one more thing, ask him what his take is on the fact that the majority of the Republican heavy hitters in the area won't even speak to Hackett. He should run a commercial on that.

Anonymous said...

Heavy hitters won't speak to Hackett because he hasn't taken the time to give them a call or even ask for their support. And when he does reach out, it's too late - my boss's postcard with the invite for the Laura Bush event showed up the same day as the event. Great planning Mark and Dave!

Hackett probably can't even tell you the names of sitting county commissioners in the district.

The Club for Growth can only carry him so far.

Local Values said...

Good luck with the chat tomorrow. If you need any extra ideas, I posted some thoughts: