Thursday, October 30, 2008


As I have done in the last few elections I will be asking you to predict the outcome on Tuesday. An added feature will be a poll on the sidebar. I will be posting my predictions in the 10th and 11th CD races and the Presidential contest over the next couple of days.


kar said...

McCain v Obama, imo, will be closer than a lot of folks think, I believe that McCain could pull off a squeaker. So I'll go with McCain/Palin.

Kanjo v Barletta, Lou wins, and I think he'll win impressively.

Carney v Hackett, personal feelings aside this could be the least competitive race of them all, look for Carney to roll by 15 pts. Look for Meuser to get some "write in" support (1 at least);-)

Boback over Bigus in a walk.

Anonymous said...

MCain by a few electoral votes, he may actually lose the popular.

Kanjo by less than 5%. Though Lou is popular there is a strong anti republican sentiment and his district is 3-1 democratic, with many who don't get past the first screen that asks "vote straight party" and the seniors, the group that shows up still love him.

Carney will hold on to his seat and unfortunately for us republicans he will be there, less a scandal, for the foreseeable future.

Corbett retains the AG spot.

Boback in a historic slaughter.

Danny Bauder said...

Obama / Biden will win all of the Kerry states,

OH, FL, CO, WI, VA, NC, GA and maybe AZ

Carney wins by a healthy margin, Kanjo wins in a squeaker.

Russ Bigus will join the constitution party after another embarrassment.

D.B. Echo said...

Obama wins by a sizeable margin, with a few surprises thrown in here and there.

Kanjorski just squeaks by. Barletta begins his next campaign immediately.

Carney wins in a landslide. Hackett blames ACORN.

Democrats gain a filibuster-proof majority.


The Republican party splinters. The Theocon-Neocon, Limbaugh - O'Reilly - Savage - Hannity - Coulter, religious extremist wing condemns a party it sees as no longer up to the task of serving its purposes, and joins forces with like-minded extremists in the Democratic party - weakening both parties.

Independent candidates arise, promising a break with the old parties - and gain more than a few Congressional seats in 2010. President Obama is now faced with a Congress where neither major party has 50% of the seats, and constantly-shifting alliances are built with each new bill.

Sarah Palin hits the books, trying to fix the holes in her resume in preparation for a run at the top spot in 2012.

Word Verification Word is apparently courtesy of the band N.W.A.: "anticopp"...wait, that's "anticapp". I've never liked that British drunkard or his Pub Fries, anyway.

Anonymous said...

db gimme some of what ur drinking i could use escape from fucking reality

Gort said...

DB has enough Kool-aid to get through the next economic slump. I know. I've seen it.

Just a reminder 'my friends.' I'm putting up seperate threads on the 10th, 11th and Prez races over the next few days.

Snerd said...

Kanjorski and Murtha will be unemployed in 2009.

Carney will win handily.

The Democrats will get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

After 2 years of a Democrat-controlled Congress, the Republicans will have a near-repeat of 1994, and eventually take back a bunch of House seats. After that, there will be a repeat of 2006 as the Republicans blow it again.


The first sign of gloom will be when Mac takes Penna. by a thin margin, which will set off the tone for the rest of the evening. Mac/Palin by a squeaker (You'll see the talking heads on TV referring to it as the greatest upset since 1948).
Kanjo can take time to learn to play the banjo, 'cause he's toast.
Carney squeaks by to a second term.
Dear Jesus, Let me be wrong on the Presidential prediction!
Bless You All.

Forrest Gump said...

Obama/Biden by a comfortable margin.

Kanjorski in a squeaker.

Carney over Hackett by a decent margin.

Boback over Bigus by a mile.

Corbett by two miles.

Democrats come up one vote short for a filibuster proof Senate, but somebody switches sides to make it 60.

I drank some of DB's Kool-Aid.

Rain Man said...

Obama wins by a comfortable margin. Kanjorski is toast and it's not real close. And Carney wins handily. Dems do not gain a super majority, they fall between three to one votes short.