Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kanjorski and Barletta agree on immigration

Borys does an analysis of the positions of 10th CD candidates Paul Kanjorski and Lou Barletta on illegal immigration in the CV but doesn't find many differences.

Both want strong restrictions on illegal immigration. Both favor establishing English as the official national language, increasing fines on employers who hire illegal immigrants and requiring illegal immigrants to return to their native counties before they can apply for citizenship. Both oppose amnesty and pathways to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Barletta is famous for his ordinance that would punish landlords who rent to illegal immigrants and businesses that employ them. Kanjorski was right in predicting that Hazleton’s law would be overruled by the courts.

"I think they’re going to be inundated by lawsuits, and the cost to city taxpayers to fight these lawsuits will be enormous,” Kanjorski said at the time. So far, his prediction has been borne out.

A small town in Pennsylvania cannot make immigration policy. Judge Munley cited the Supremacy clause of the Constitution (page 92 of the decision) to strike down the Illegal Immigration Relief Act. Hazleton is on the hook for $2 million for legal fees so far and they are talking about floating a bond over 20 years to pay it off.

The Hazleton immigration ordinance will go through it's 2nd round in Federal Court on October 31st. The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to have the appeal heard by a three-judge panel. The publicity from the oral arguments will be a boon to Lou Barletta right before the election but in the end it will probably be shot down again.

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jobez said...

In Frederick County, Maryland police officers have now been trained to determine whether a detainee is an illegal or not. I guess something beyond standard procedure. Anyway, over the past 6 months, 1 in 10 detainees in "fredrock" have been illegals. I assume INS takes care of business after this.
'ol Lou should look into whatever is going on there and push to implement something similar, as it appears to be working.
Here's a link to what's goin on http://wjz.com/local/illegal.detainees.2.834490.html

Anyway, more evidence that we don't necessarily need new laws, we just need to enforce the laws and programs that are in place.