Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Making us proud

TT: 1:25 p.m.Chris Hackett addressed the increasingly feisty crowd as they await the arrival of Gov. Palin.Each time the Republican candidate for the seat in the 10th Congressional District mentioned Barack Obama the crowd booed loudly.

One man screamed "kill him!"

Supporters have been noted shouting “kill him,” “terrorist,” “off with his head” and other equally incendiary terms about Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Others have directly suggested Mr. Obama is a Muslim, which he is not, or a traitor. Some comments even drew rebuke from Republican presidential nominee John McCain. Other than the lone man, there were no other such outbursts.


Big Dan said...

Now watch Republican shills call WILK to attack the news instead of the person who yelled "KILL HIM"!

There was a guy on at the beginning of Sue Henry, someone who works at the station, who said he heard it, too, keep that in mind. Then, remember that when you hear all the "callers" who call in and attack the news instead of the creep who yelled "KILL HIM".

Also, stay tuned for Republican shill Corbett to attack the news instead of the creep who yelled that.

Interesting, the guy on Sue Henry who said he heard that, said he was near Corbett. How come Corbett didn't hear it, then?

All these people, Corbett in particular because he's a former newspaper journalist, better be careful calling TWO newspapers LIARS or he'll get his ass sued off, and I hope he does, if he attacks them and not the creeps saying these things!!!

Big Dan said...

Also, watch for callers saying they were "plants" yelling those things.

I guess we imagined all those VIDEOS of McCain rallies with PEOPLE ON TAPE SAYING THESE THINGS!!!

So, we're expected to believe they are "plants" by the Obama campaign yelling these things. But, when people say that GOP operatives purposely filled out false ACORN registration ballots to make ACORN look bad, we're told they are "conspiracy theorists" and they're wearing their "tin foil hats."

You can't have your cake and eat it, too!!!

Big Dan said...

Olbermann: McCain, suspend your campaign!!!

Big Dan said...

Olbermann: mentions Hackett, Scranton, and Times-Tribune

Zen said...

Olbermann is possibly the biggest fooking farktard in all of media. Keep using him for your news Dan and maybe one day you can be almost as fooked in the head as he is.

Bob Kelly said...

Ok, I was there. I heard someone scream something but I didn't know what it was. Apparently this is the comment people are talking about. So this one lunatic is going to get all this attention and paint the party in his image?????
Care to go head to head with the Republicans?? Can we pick ONE Democrat and paint the party in his or her image????
One asshole makes a comment like this and it becomes an issue. You guys are really reaching.
And Big Dan, what the hell is your deal?? You just spit back up every pinko liberal thought you can find online. Do you have any of your own????

JediMaster9780 said...

Bob this isn't a one time thing. There are numerous cases at these rallies where people are getting increasingly violent and threatening. This Scranton incident was not the first time someone at a McCain rally yelled "Kill him" or "terrorist" in reference to Barack Obama.

This is an issue. It is deplorable, disgusting, and frankly unAmerican to say these sort of things about another person.

And there are Democrats who have said very nasty things about McCain and Palin and they are wrong too.

However it seems that the hatred is spewing from the right at this moment.

And why is that liberal thought is always argued as being unoriginal? It seems that if anyone says something liberal or leftist, they are automatically smacked with being brainwashed. And that is total horseshit. There are enough conservatives out there who repeat the same crap about gay marriage, abortion and other issues.

Bob Kelly said...

I agree that it's wrong no matter who is doing it or saying it. But either way, the party shouldn't be painted with a broad stroke to say that person represents anyone but him self.
They didn't make any of us pass a psychological test to walk through the door. They gave tickets to anyone who asked. So, yes, some racist dumbass could have gotten a ticket just for the chance to try and get a rise out of the audience when he yelled that.
And as for my comment about Big Dan, sure, most ideas and comments come from somewhere else. My problem is all of his posts are links or repeats of other peoples thoughts. It's getting old. He has his own blog. All he's doing is using Gort's blog to post links to other sites.
See, we liberals and conservatives can agree on some stuff.

JediMaster9780 said...

Right I'm not saying that the GOP should be held totally accountable, but I believe that McCain and Palin need to to a lot more to rebuke these sort of people when these comments are made. They should directly address them. And probably there are people who solely go to events like these solely to create controversy. That's without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all of you should go to the Times Leader website. I think the link says it all.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the case of one person but many saying this all over the US during events with both McCain, Palin, and other Republican nominees. It's wrong and should be called out by the leader of the Republican party, John McCain. Until it is and firmly, I have lost any respect I held for McCain and his supporters.

~Sassy Fox

Right Winger said...

I brought it up tonight at dinner and no one in my family heard the comment yesterday. I have to be honest, my hearing is not what it use to be. I heard various people scream out different things throughout the speaches but I did not hear someone yell "kill him."
I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm just saying none of the four of us heard it.

JediMaster9780 said...

Okay so it may be debatable whether or not that was yelled at this rally. However the phrase and phrases like "Terrorist" have been yelled at similar rallies and I feel that the hatred behind these phrases are unfounded and wrong.

And I do believe it is just bad for people on my side to characterize McCain as a crazy old man. I have to be fair to that point.

Anonymous said...

I had the mother of a son who recently graduated college call John McCain a scumbag. I cautioned her that it was okay to not like him or his policies but never ever call a veteran a scumbag. Maybe the son needed 13 weeks in Camp LeJeune to see the point.

I have heard similar disgusting and nauseating statements about McCain that usually eminate from a distaste for George Bush. The point I am trying to make is that the fervor level on both sides is uncalled for during these difficult economic times.

Obama wasn't even a U.S. Senator when George Bush was elected the second time. He was elected during the same election but didn't take office until January. He has been carefully packaged by a group of individuals leading America down a path that only time will bear out as right or wrong. The question I have is how many of you who support Obama can actually tell me what his economic plan is or is the support simply due to the hatchet job on George Bush. Don't Google his plan, that's cheating. Be honest with yourself.

Lest we forget, Obama, McCain, Kanjorski, Carney, Holden, Spector, Casey, they are all in Washington and this crisis developed on their watch. Yet I don't see the type of revolution that should be happening against all of Washington. People are mad at George Bush. Duhhh he's essentially gone. He didn't do this alone.

If all of you believe this is a Republican screwup then you did not research the votes. Both sides of the aisle caused the problem and both deserve to pay. All of Congress passed the stupid laws that promoted all types of loans to people who could not afford them and let the lending institutions charge outrageous interest rates to pay them back. If your position is because you are a staunch Republican or Democrat then I say shame on you. Be a staunch American.

We will always have crazies out there. Its a genetic defect. Our society today lost values and lost its way. Rather than have government find our way back we need to on our own. Don't complain in four years when government is taking out more of your paycheck because you asked them to. It takes money for universal healthcare. With the road and bridge mess we have in this country it demonstrates there isn't any extra money.

It amazes me how many people feel that Washington is wasting too much of our tax dollars yet want Washington to solve our problems. The only way they can do it is with more money. More money breeds pet projects and wasteful spending. If you don't believe me how is that property tax break work out for you that we were promised when the casinos were opened in PA? Nobody is holding Rendell's feet to the fire over the PA House and Senate grabbing that money for their own use. And the same thing will happen in Washington if you let them give you a tax increase. Look at both plans. Our taxes are not going down anytime soon.

Obama called for a 90 day foreclosure moratorium tonight. When Mrs. Clinton proposed that during the primary he opposed saying it would lead to more expensive mortgages going forward.

Obama is disguising and downplaying the magnitude of his tax and spending plans. McCain would let Americans keep more of their own income to ride out the downturn, while Mr. Obama would become Senator Government.

Be careful that the emotions you are feeling during this economic crisis doesn't cloud judgment.

Anonymous said...

Folks- both candidates are promosing things they can not deliver on. We have a 10.3 trillion dollar debt that I have not heard how either candidate is going to address. I am a republican and I am ashamed at how the republican administratin and republican Congress helped to run our debt from 5 trillion to over 10.3 trillion in 8 years. Regarding the mortgage fiasco- both parties are to blame- they both allowed sub prime mortgages to go unregulated and now they are pointing the fingers at each other. We need to wake up, both republicans and democrats and take back our country and find true leadership. I am sorry I do not see it in either obama or mccain.

Anonymous said...

Annon 12:23 You are exactly correct. I was interviewed by Bloomberg Financial News last week. I told the reporter that I believe if there was a None of The Above it would win. There are alot of undecideds this close to the election. I don't believe they are so much undecided but it is more that they don't want either candidate.

Paul Kanjorski had the PACS kick in $3 million to his campaign. All of us on this board could not give that much money. This election is about the lobbyists vs. the voters. That is why I keep saying throw out all of Washington. When that happens it will chart a new course for America, one where the voters, the fourth branch of government, made a difference.

Anonymous said...

OK, KILL HIM can be taken in a couple of different ways. Was it KILL HIM, as in like really kill him? Or was it more like KILL HIM like we say in sports as in let's kill Michigan in this weekend's ball game?

I mean, what if the guy yelled CREAM HIM!!! or Fuck Obama!!! Does that mean that we are to fantasize inappropriately about Barack, or are we supposed to encourage McCain to keep on fighting and hope for a ugly, yet spirited win?

Perhaps we're all blowing this out of proportion. Maybe, just maybe, the guy who yelled it out had Tourrette Syndrome.