Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the Plumber reacts to the debate

From J-Walk

Mac had a bad moment last night.


Zen said...

Obama farted?

professor milburn cleaver, opa said...

It is my opinion that these polls will close tightly over the next week (CNN's tracker has Obama down by 2 following the debate) and that by election day the race shall be back to a dead heat. This, of course, is where Mr. Obama's faith in the young children shall be tested. Will they be "up and Adam" to head to the polls? Or will they toss over in bed, sleeping off the previous night's frat party??? I do not need to inform you of my opinion on this scenario as I have been around many years and have seen this before. As things stand now, I shall refrain from anymore commentaries (barring a major event) until after the election, in which case I shall submit my lecture on the futility of a major political party depending on a voting bloc that is fickle at best. I shall also include some tips that I have for the then Pres. Elect McCain on Cabinet appointments to his Administration. So, students, until November 5, enjoy yourselves, as youthful enthusiasm is paradoxically a truthful and false feeling from the heart. Class dismissed!