Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hackett to Bush; No Thanks

Chris Hackett is against the latest Wall Street bailout bill and so is Chris Carney. Carney has a new ad up that hammers Hackett about his Zoe Baird problem which is not available( get on the stick Vince).

This Saturday the Wayne Independent is sponsoring a debate that will go on even if only one candidate shows up. I think the more debates the better and would like to be one of the people asking questions of the candidates.

There is a debate scheduled for October 30th on WVIA and I volunteered to be on the the panel but they have ignored my request. I would ask them both some tough questions with the help of of you, my dear readers, but it's not going to happen. I would strive to be fair as this guy found out:

A good interview should contain tough questions, and the interviewee should be prepared for curve balls (As a side note, we have 2 really great interviewers in this area: Gort and Sue Henry - they're not afraid to ask tough questions. They also ask these tough questions without trying to corner the interviewee or push their personal agenda. They do it to qualify the interviewee).

Back to the headline.

Hackett said:

He wouldn’t accept campaign support from President Bush.

“I’m not sure that would be in my best interest as a candidate.”

Why not?


Anonymous said...

A true politician- Hackett is learning.

pj the wb lefty said...

He was OK with Laura Bush at Amato's place for $5K a pop though?
I guess Toomey thinks W hurts his image.

Anonymous said...

Toomey is the one who hurts everyboy's image. Best thing that ever happened- Specter beat Toomey and I am not a Specter fan.