Thursday, October 30, 2008

117th State Legislative District debate tonight

Incumbent Republican Karen Boback and Democrat Russ Bigus will face off at 7 p.m. tonight Oct. 30 at Crestwood High School.

The latest dustup in the race is that Boback has been endorsed by the NRA and Bigus isn't happy about it.

TL: I just want to make certain that everyone knows this is a slap in my face,” he said. “I’m real sensitive about this issue.”
Bigus, running as a Democrat, says it goes back to 2006, when Boback, a Republican, asked him for assistance in filling out the NRA’s candidate questionnaire when she first ran for the seat.
“Before she was an elected official, I don’t think she had a position on the issue,” Bigus said. “I believe, just like she’s always done, she’s voted the party line. She doesn’t know what these issues are.”

CV: I’m honored to have earned the respect of the NRA. Their endorsement is proof positive that I represent the people I serve,” Boback said.Asked about critics’ claims that she’s not a sportswoman, she replied, “It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a hunter to vote like one.”

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet this was a big brain trust debate.

Size of the deers antlers and balls.
Whaaa. the NRA doesn't love me anymore!

Do you like my dress?
I worked hard at the library auction