Thursday, April 17, 2008

118th State Rep debate tonight

The League of Women Voters of Wilkes-Barre is hosting a public debate between state Rep. Mike Carroll and P.J. Best at 7 p.m. Thursday at Pittston Area High School auditorium, 5 Stout St., Yatesville


Anonymous said...

mike carroll really stunk it up last night. dodging the fact that he has no practical plan to solve all of the problems that bat-man has created in the past year and a half!

Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

PJ Best was clearly outclassed in the debate last night. He stumbled, mumbled and even admits he got his butt kicked on his own website blog!

PJ has been calling Mike a liar for some time now. I'd like to hear PJ explain how he can call Mike a liar without any proof. PJ has been saying Mike supports privatizing the Turnpike, but MIKE IS AGAINST IT! And Mike has stated so publicly on numerous occassions.

PJ's lies are catching up to him and the voters are starting realize it.

A question was asked of the candidates about where they were going to find the money to fix our roads and bridges before we have a catastrophe. PJ answered first and replied he would fund it by making government more effecient and eliminating other spending. Of course he could not give any specifics.

It became very clear that PJ has alot of book smarts, great with intellectual theory, but completely lacking in any real world experience and totally unfamiliar with how the legislative process works.

The voters of the 118th do not need someone getting on the job training. They need proven experience that gets proven results. Thank God we have Mike Carroll!

Maybe PJ should graduate from school and get a real job for a few years before he tries again. He came off with an attitude that he is entitled to the position because of his education. It was more than a bit revolting.

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot the worst part. When the debate was over, Mike went over to PJ to shake his hand, like a gentleman. PJ turned his back to Mike and stormed off the stage like a little boy who just got his butt kicked on the playground.