Monday, April 21, 2008

118th State Rep

PJ Best has done well but he won't beat Mike Carroll. He hasn't even updated his website. Young Mr. Best will be heard from again


Anonymous said...

PJ got caught up in all his lies about Mike. I expect a 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 margin of victory for Mike. PJ is very arrogant and has an attitude like he is entitled to the position because he has fancy degrees.

Mike is a down to earth, hard working man that works his butt off on a daily basis for the people he represents.

PJ needs to go out and get a job... at least then he'll know what it is like to work. Being a professional student does not provide any real world experience.

Why does PJ have to lie about Mike's record? Mike is against privatizing the turnpike, but I get daily phone calls from PJ stating the opposite. Mike is delivering on property tax reform, but PJ claims he hasn't. PJ also had a recorded message that Mike wanted to raise everyone's vehicle registration to $198. Again, more lies.

And speaking of those phone calls, when someone calls me I expect more than a stupid recording. That is one sure way to lose my vote. At least have the decency to have a live individual on the other end. Recorded messages are just plain RUDE!

I'd like to be the first to congratulate Mike on his reelection! Many more!

Danny Bauder said...

Good. Mike Carroll is an excellent public servant who deserves re-election.

I will be outside of the listening area, so good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Mike Carroll has had a real job? He has been a political appointee because of his father's former position... I like Mike I voted for him in the past and will vote for him again, but let us not create a myth....

Anonymous said...

Exactly as I predicted!!!
Mike Carroll wins with a margin of victory between 4 to 1 and 5 to 1!
PJ's lies and misrepresentations of Mike's positions were his downfall. PJ - now go get a real job and know what it is like to be a working stiff paying taxes. Your fancy degrees entitle you to nothing!

Anonymous said...

How embrassing!
PJ must feel pretty bad if he couldn't even muster up 20% of the vote in a two way race. He did even worse than his father did two years ago in a three way race!

Has PJ called Mike to concede the race and congratulate him? Probably not, since he wouldn't even shake Mike's outstretched hand at the debate.

PJ needs to grow up. Just because he got spanked in yesterday's election is no reason to act like a child!