Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Club for Growth PAC raps Meuser

Washington - Today, the Club for Growth PAC is releasing a $90,000 ad buy on broadcast television in Pennsylvania's Tenth Congressional District.
Entitled, "Another Politician," the ad seeks to educate voters about the key differences between the two Republican candidates in the race, Dan Meuser and Chris Hackett.

Dan Meuser: Another Politician


Zen said...

As I have explained on my own blog, ending the prok is a great idea. making the 10th a martyr is as bad as it gets. The problem is that the other 434 jackals in office would just say "good, more for my district".

Anonymous said...

I thought you are supposed to use a mean looking picture when your'e bashing a guy. Can't they do any better than that?

mattyb said...

Exactly right Zen.

Has anyone even read the proposed Hackett pledge to end earmarks?

Good thing he got that no-bid contract from the county before Toomey and Madeira wrote it up for him.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the best they have.
Misses the mark. Voters won't like it. Toomey blew it on this one.

Bob Kelly said...

Another screw up from the Hackett camp. They are again showing they are in a panic. I said it before, the earmark pledge is just a feel good piece of paper.

NEPAExpat said...


Is it a feel good piece of paper just like the "Taxpayer Protection Plan"? Remember, inflation is a tax too.

Anonymous said...

zen- you are a very smart fella- this is a stupid commercial- how do you say a person is for these things when he has not even won an election. Good ad against Carney though. You think they are confused??

Anonymous said...

Where is the all knowing, all caring kar? Isn't he going to spout off his big Mucous mouth?

Anonymous said...

Wyoming County Conservative says;

The Club for Growth ? A bunch of washed up loser politicos that only know how to spew venom.. They should look hard at their boy Hackett. He started in May by putting his positon statement in the district as pro choice .. Changed his tune to pro life when he smelled an opportunity with the holy roller club for growth
A real man of principal !

kar said...

The club should have saved the 90k for Toomey's next failed attempt at public office, be that Senate or Governor.

Instead they "invested" it in a last ditch all out desperate attempt to dis-credit Dan Meuser.

Hackett is possibly the most reality challenged candidate in history.

He cannot see the legitimate issues involving his arrangement with Skrep & luzerne county, you remember the 5k tribute for a 700k no-bid contract.

He doesn't understand how some could question his bringing Vincdente Fox to the area to trash us, and then have the gall to protest the same visit.

He thinks the whole issue about "Susie" his very own illegal is overdone. Heck he doesn't even know her last name, or how long she was working for him.

He thinks it's ok to exaggerate his involvement in bringing C3i to the area, even when the CFO of the company publically calls him out.

Yes sir, this is the kind of guy I want representing me in Washington...not!

Thankfully he will be back filling temp jobs at Mickey D's or Wendy's soon.


Anonymous said...

Undeniably a vote for Meuser is a vote for Carney in November. Prove me wrong as the dems will go to town over Danny's baggage.

Anonymous said...

and the dems won't go to town of chrissy's baggage.

these are both lackluster candidates and chris carney should wipe up the floor with either of them.

the more i read about skrep the more i would like to thank chrissy for donating to skrep and vondy.. without support of good republicans like you our county wouldn't be undergoing it's fleecing..

Anonymous said...

Many of the Pride employees have switched their party affiliation to Republican just so they can vote for Dan. It may be a longshot, but it's a desperate attempt to keep l'enfant terrible busy lining his pockets and chasing women in DC and far away from Exeter.