Friday, September 05, 2008

Barack Obama in Wilkes-Barre Friday Sept. 5

Or close by.

He will be in Duryea at the Schott Glass plant today at noon. It's invitation only according to Bill O'Boyle in the TL. It's a photo op with the workers at the place. No rally? He could fill the Arena even up here in the Alabama of the north.


Local blogger Tony was there.

That's How I See It

If you scroll down to the Recent Program section there is a link to watch the video of Barack's speech in Duryea. It was a private event. People in attendance where volunteers, elected officials, and plant workers. I lead the Pledge of Allegiance for the event and sat in the front row to the left side. At the very end of the video you can see me when Barack comes over to shake our hands. I'm wearing a yellow dress shirt and at the end I face towards the camera because I am talking to the gentleman next to me. It was a fantastic speech and I felt he did well.

It is something else to standing next to someone like Barack Obama who can be the next president and especially to have shook his hand twice.


JediMaster9780 said...

It was a very small event for the workers of the plant and campaign volunteers. I was there. I lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. I got to shack Barack's hand twice. I was sitting in the front row to Barack's left. You can clearly see me at the end of the video on C-Span that covers his entire speech and the questions he answered.


I caught the entire speech on c/span and found Barack to be very relaxed and informed. I wish that c/span could have covered the diner stop as that went quite well also (channel 16 had exclusive coverage--must have an insider in the campaign). As Gort pointed out, Barack need to come to the arena and kick some McCain Palin ass!! GOd Bless.

Anonymous said...

Obama stretching the facts with Paul Kanjorski at his side.

I downloaded the video at cspan. Some excerpts from Obama's visit to Schott Glass in Duryea, Pa.

[When Bill Clinton was President the average family income went up $7,500.00. Since George Bush has been in office the average family income has gone down $2000.00] Barack- Really...whoever gave you those figures did not look at this chart by the US Census Bureau

[..Part of what I want to talk about is how do we create more "Shot Glasses" j/k he really said "Schott Glass (pause)...operations" but I would have preferred the edited version.]

"For awhile People were borrowing equity against there home because for awhile their home equity was doing pretty good except nobody was minding the store on Wall Street and now you have more home foreclosures than any time since the Great Depression."- Lets see Barack most of those people who are losing their homes never should have had them in the first place. They weren't financially qualified to receive the mortgage. Inflated appraisals, rolling over the down payment into the mortgage, etc.

Barack, Who are you talking about not minding the Store?- Paul Kanjorski sitting in the front row perhaps. He tries to make a point of being a senior member of the House Financial Services which has oversight over the mortgage industry. Check out the Ney-Kanjorski bill and how it would have taken away the industry safeguards if it was passed. Fortunately it never made it. It was disguised as a predatory lending bill but was exactly the opposite. "..
would expose millions of homebuyers to the loss of their savings and even their homes, consumer advocates said."

"And if you are staying in your homes you are seeing your home values plummet"-- No, that is called a market correction due to irrational exuberance. Market forces determine prices so unless the federal government is going into the business of buying homes don't mislead the people on this very natural and cyclical correction.

With respect to the Republican national convention over the last three days he says "They spent alot of time talking about John McCain's biography which we all honor, he has gone through extraordinary things uhh in the service of his country, we respect him, they talked about me alot in less than respectful terms and they spent alot of time running mean down and uh not necessarily telling the truth."

Oh Barack really. Directly from John McCain's speech Finally, a word to Senator Obama and his supporters. We'll go at it over the next two months. That's the nature of these contests, and there are big differences between us. But you have my respect and admiration. Despite our differences, much more unites us than divides us. We are fellow Americans, an association that means more to me than any other. While he may have pointed out differences not one sentence was done in disrespect. All Barack does during this visit is bash McCain.

"What they didn't talk about was you and what you are seeing in your lives"- Barack, have you read any part of McCain's speech

All before 7 minutes into the video.

"These guys spent three days(referring to the convention) and you wouldn't know because they didn't talk about it." Barack their convention was supposed to be five days but was cut short by two days while the Republicans expressed concern for the possible storm damage to Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. I guess that is not caring about Americans.

Anonymous said...

If this were a generation ago, Senator Robert KKK Byrd (D) would have been there to greet him with sheets and hoods. N word spoken would be minor in comparison

Anonymous said...

So Kanjorski did not make it to Scranton when Joe Biden came along with Senator Casey and Governor Ed Rendell. He did not make it to the Pittston Tomato Festival. He did not make it to Hazleton's Funfest. However he did make it to Obama's visit to Schott Glass in Duryea where only 250 people attended. Are we seeing a pattern? Carefully orchestrated visits under the guise of his official capacity. Is he afraid he will have to answer why he voted to go home ten days early rather than deal with the energy crisis? Him answer to his constituents, never, "I don't apologize to anyone."