Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Carney slams opponents

From a press release:


Clarks Summit, PA—Congressman Chris Carney is setting the record straight after Dan Meuser sought to distort Rep. Carney's record and position on illegal immigration in the Sunbury Daily Item (3/16):

"Dan Meuser is flat out lying about my position on immigration and my record securing the border. My opponents can talk about border security, but I've been to the border, I've been on patrol with border guards.

"These attacks are negative distortions on my record were a vain attempt to hide my potential opponents' hypocrisy on immigration. Just last week, I stood up to House Leadership and joined over 170 of my colleagues to push for action on the SAVE Act, so we can provide nearly 8,000 new border patrol agents.

"Leadership does matter, as my opponents like to say. But the people in this district judge leadership by the consistency of actions, not just words on the campaign trail. Dan Meuser's company was fined $41,000 for his hiring of illegal immigrants, one of the biggest fines in Pennsylvania history, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. Meuser should be ashamed, trying to spin his own company's actions breaking the law into his soapbox for illegal immigration. By his own admission, Chris Hackett's company sponsored the president of Mexico to come to Pennsylvania, but then also publicly campaigned against the visit.

"Like the Administration, my opponents only pay lip-service to border security and immigration reform. I've lead hearings to ask the tough questions about why the Administration has failed to secure our borders—and we've taken action to assure taxpayer dollars are not wasted on technology that doesn't make our borders any more secure.

"My opponents talk tough, but their actions suggest phony leadership. The people of the district tell me they want to see illegal immigration stopped, and I'm working hard to make that happen.


kar said...

All right! Game on.

Talk about spin, leave it to Carney & crew to label the truth as spin.

The facts of this incident are well known and freely acknowledged by Pride.

But for the sake of the uninformed or obstinate, the facts are these;
three (3) illegal immigrants applied for jobs at Pride, they had the requisite documentation they were otherwise qualified,and were hired.

Surely Carney,the future former Congressman, isn't suggesting that Pride should have discriminated against these individuals who presented themselves as legal...is he?

Imagine the outrage if Pride had refused employment to documented, qualified, minority candidates.

People like Carney, the future former Congressman, and every other liberal advocacy group would have descended upon Pride like democrats rushing to vote on a tax increase.

To finish the story; Pride cooperated fully and completely with the INS, paid, and this is important, paid an administrative fine, amended their hiring, interview and screening process and have hired thousands of people, all legal, in the 13 years since the incident.

Oh, and Chris, the other Chris, the future former Congressman should take note that in the years since 1995 Pride has provided hundreds of full time, permanent, family sustaining jobs with benefits to the citizens of NE Pa.

Spin that.


Anonymous said...

Old School R says

Hey KAR , did you expect Carney not to twist the truth ? That is what they do.. Go Team Pelosi.
Conservatives battle with facts, liberals get nasty..

I read where the fine was more like $27,000 after negotiation .. Of course Carney quoted the big number before negotiation , not the actual fine that was paid..

This fine story shows why we need to do something about illegals .. Something more than lip service..
Remember the D's bussing migrant workers to the polls in the Bush Gore race ? I they deport illegals, they lose part of the Democratric base.
Right Kanjo ?

I saw a great bumper sticker yesterday .. "Clinton - Spitzer" for a good time in 09...

Barry said...

As we are known to say over in Lycoming County, Congressman and Lieutenant Commander Chris Carney really let Dan Meuser, "know where the bear went through the buckwheat".

Dan Meuser has been caught in another lie. Lie after lie after lie. Dan exists in a web of deceit, wallowing in a morass of lies of omission and commission. I think after this it is obvious that with Reverend Ely out of the race Chris Hackett is the best Republican.
Yours truly,
Barry O’Connell

Anonymous said...

hey old school r didn't mueser, his brother and pride's PAC give to Kanjo and other dems.

all those back mountain republicans are the same. they act like the former gov of ny, pay to get what they want and throw ideology to the wayside, until such ideiology benifits them.

please..... hackett and mueser are one in the same. john's paying hte political prostitutes for certains services, they are no more or no less.

Anonymous said...

Carney- filled out a survey that said he would offer citizenship to illegals who pay there back taxes, get a job, and learn english. Then the illegals can become citizens. This is AMNESTY- no matter how you try to spin it. Remember you have a record now and your record is the truth not your spin.

Gee another Barry entry- You really are working for Carney