Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Meuser responds to Carney but not to Hackett

Carney Wrong About His Promises and Record on Illegals

As a candidate, Carney called for amnesty

As a Congressman he has voted against securing our borders

Congressman Chris Carney lashed out today with negative attacks on Conservative Republican Congressional candidate Dan Meuser. The problem with Chris Carney’s rhetoric is that it doesn’t match his campaign promises or his record as a Congressman.

As a candidate for Congress in 2006, Candidate Carney filled out a Project Vote Smart survey that said he supported an immediate citizenship for illegal aliens if they paid their back taxes, leaned English, and gained employment (see attached). Candidate Carney’s plan would amount to amnesty for those who came here illegally. It also lacked any kind of touch back provision or fine, making it even more liberal than the recent bill considered by the Senate to grant amnesty.

Congressman Carney has voted against securing our borders time and time again, despite his tough on immigration rhetoric back at home. Congressman Carney has voted with his party’s leadership rather than the values of his district.

Congressman Carney’s record on securing the borders:

· Chris Carney voted against increasing funding for border security.
(House Roll Call 471) June 15, 2007

· Chris Carney voted against full funding for the construction of the border fence as mandated by Congress.
(House Roll Call 490) June 15, 2007

· Chris Carney voted against prohibiting taxpayer funding for cities that harbor illegal immigrants or "sanctuary sites". (House Roll Call 485) June 15, 2007

“Congressman Carney can attack Dan Meuser all he wants, but the fact is that Dan Meuser is committed to securing our borders and protecting our economy from the drain of illegal immigration,” Eric Wallace, Meuser for Congress campaign manager said. “Candidate Carney supported a more liberal amnesty proposal than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, while Congressman Carney voted against securing the borders.”

“Chris Carney talks like a moderate and votes like a liberal, and that’s why the people of the 10th District are going to elect Dan Meuser, a conservative Republican, to Congress in November.”


Anonymous said...

meuser needs to survie through the primary and not worry about the general.

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Brilliant analogy !?