Saturday, March 01, 2008

A note to my friends in the Luzerne County Democratic party

A few days ago I had an unpleasant conversation with someone who accused me of personally attacking some local elected officials. I have NEVER made a personal attack on any of our local elected or appointed officials. Check my archives and prove me wrong. I certainly disagree with some of the decisions that have been made by our local leaders but I never dragged their spouse or kids into a policy dispute . I'm a citizen like the rest of you and I'm free to criticise my government at all levels.


Right Winger said...
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Anonymous said...

100% fan of this site.

Scott said...

Gort, you are nothing if not fair and honest in your reporting (and many times scooping the local media).

It really irks me when people call it mudslinging when you point out where you disagree on the issues!

You are on the other side of the isle (and the aisle :) from me on most issues, but at least I know where you stand, and I know you'll stick with the facts.

West Side Republican said...

Typical Dems, don't question us, you're stupid, we know what's best for us. Gort, you rocked the boat. They don't like people that rock the boat. Tread carefully!

D.B. Echo said...

Well, just another consequence of what I've called "A Life Lived in the Open." But I have a policy in life as well as on my blog: "I am not responsible for how you choose to interpret things I never said."

I have found that policy to sometimes have less deterrent value than I would like it to.