Sunday, March 02, 2008

A guest post

From an email about the Pennsylvania 118th State rep race:

I have lived in Duryea for quite a while now, and I just received a"Capitol Update" from State Representative Mike Carroll. I feel the timing of this "public service announcement" is rather suspicious considering that it's primary season and Carroll has an opponent in his election, when he probably assumed he would not.

This is OBVIOUSLY more of a campaign newsletter than anything but it is funded by the taxpayers(comes from Harrisburg, not from Mike's campaign).

Previously I have been skeptical of Mike, and thought that at best his first year in the house could be described as mediocre. Now I am quite upset. Wasting taxpayer money attempting to legislate baseball bats is one thing, wasting it for election year pandering is completely different!

If Carroll wants to campaign he should do it on his own time with his own money, not with ours. So representatives have spent over $100,000a year on these letters which amount to no more than campaigning with our money. This must stop, and I feel that this must be addressed on a public forum!

Thanks for your time.


An angered taxpayer



His Holiness received the same mailer and thought the same as Cory. The perks of incumbency; not right but a fact of life.

The Judge said...

Cory and pope george may be missing the bigger point in this mailer. I took a look, and that which must be scrutinized in this matter is WHAT he sent out in this mailer.
He took several flakey issues and public appearances and spun them to try to make him look great.
He discusses this great tax relief from the casinos and uses a big number over half a billion dollars, when the harsh reality is that people in his district are going to get less than $100 in relief!

He does not talk about how he embarrassed himself and Pennsylvania when he became the mad batter.
the I-80 tolls are a scam to fun the cities, not the roads here.

This guy is an idiot or a scam artist...or both!

professor milburn cleaver, opa said...

And may I add that the bat issue was adamantly ridiculous. I hate to be echoing the sentiments of the Mean Old Man, but in this respect his commentary on this issue in the past was correct; what child can grow into a strong and responsible adult without receiving a few bruises? I may vote out of protest for young Mr. Best.

PJ Best said...

Thank you Professor for your vote but I would much rather earn it than receive it by default.

I received this e-mail as well and have commented on it in my latest blog.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to earning your vote.