Thursday, March 20, 2008

Local Teamsters back Best

Teamsters Local 229 officially Endorses PJ Best for State Representative in 118

Pittston, PA March 19, 2008.

Notification was received Wednesday morning regarding an unprecedented primary endorsement of PJ Best from the Teamsters Local 229. While the union typically endorses a candidate, the endorsement does not typically occur until the general election in November. "I'm honored that the Teamsters Local 229 valued my position against I-80 tolls and turnpike privatization enough to receive a primary endorsement," PJ stated in response to his endorsement. "I promise to work non-stop for the people of the 118th district."

PJ's campaign platform is strong on repealing the toll on I-80 and preventing privatization of the turnpike as well as fighting hard to eliminate property taxes that his opponent promised relief of in 2006.

For more information on PJ's position regarding the toll, please visit and for all information visit

Best is running for the Democratic nomination in the 118th District against incumbent freshman Mike Carroll.

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