Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Obama wins Mississippi


Obama 251,204 61% 15 delegates
Clinton 154,373 37% 12 delegates

According to the Mississippi exit polls he scores across the board again and adds to his delegate lead.

But all eyes are on Pennsylvania. The Clinton campaign has done a good job in this area so far with her visit to Scranton stressing her local connections. She likes Old Forge pizza like the rest of us.

The latest poll from SurveyUSA shows Hillary up 55% to 36% in PA and they have been the most accurate of the primary season. But the trend in every previous contest has had Hillary starting with a big lead then Obama coming on strong as election day nears. Right now I don't think Barry can win PA, that could change, but if he keeps it close he goes on to North Carolina with a bunch of delegates up for grabs and the other remaining states and wins most of them it will be hard to deny him the nomination.

I haven't been this excited about a PA Presidential primary since 1976 and my fellow Pennsylvania's agree.

From KP: Pennsylvania Democrats have added more than 65,000 voters to their rolls since last fall, a reflection of the high level of interest in the contested race for the party’s presidential nomination and the state’s April 22 primary.

Jane points out a new online poll at the state Democratic party website. Like the last one Obama is winning big. That's interesting since just about every elected/party official has come out for Hillary.

On the local front the Obama campaign has opened an office in Wilkes-Barre at 41 S. Main St. in the Midtown Village and will have its grand opening on Sunday. Chelsea Clinton was in Scranton yesterday and will be at Wilkes U today at 10:15AM at the Henry Student Center, 1st floor, 84 W. South St. in Wilkes-Barre. Yesterday she had the pleasure of meeting Another Monkey at the office in Scranton.

The Clinton campaign has done a great job of Blogger outreach but I have yet to hear from Obama's people. Get on the stick Barrack.

The Presidential race is drowning out the contests for Congress and State Rep along with Treasurer, Attorney General and Auditor General. The fawning coverage of Hillary in the local media is starting to get annoying. The Corbett show on WILK has turned into a 4 hour Hillary infomercial.


Forrest Gump said...


I must ask you why you find it so hard to deny him the nomination?

If you remember correctly we sat in your living room on that long evening in 2000 and couldn't believe that Al Gore won the popular vote but because of some well placed judges the Republicans stole the election from us, in my opinion. But that is the way our system is set up. The electoral college sucks!!!

Back to the present, we now find ourselves in a similar situation, where for all intents and purposes Barack Obama can't be beat; either by the popular vote or the pledged delegates. BUT in their infinite wisdom our forefathers thought of this little thing called the superdelegate, of which there are 765, who are not pledged to anybody and can pledge their support to whomever they choose.

I ask you again, why do you find it so hard to think that Hillary can't take the majority of the superdelegates and win the nomination fair and square, according to the way our system is set up.

Don't forget, she is the democratic machine favorite (of which the superdelegates are).

Anonymous said...

Too bad McCain will take PA in the general