Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pennsylvania 10th CD debates set

On March 17, 2008, the Susquehanna University College Republicans will host the 10th Congressional District Debate between candidates Chris Hackett and Dan Meuser. The debate will be moderated by a representative from WKOK, the Daily Item, and the SU College Republicans. The debate will begin at 7:30 p.m. in Isaacs Auditorium located in Seibert Hall.

Other scheduled debates are:

March 26 at 7 p.m., Tunkhannock Area Middle School, Wyoming County.

April 15 at 8 p.m., WVIA-TV, Jenkins Township.

New radio ads.

Hackett has been running an ad the last few days attacking Chris Carney's fundraiser with Charlie Rangel and inviting people to Grotto Pizza tonight for free. The tag line is amusing "and it won't cost you 5 thousand bucks either."

Meuser's ad has Rick Santorum on what sounds like a cell phone endorsing him. When my dog heard Santorum's voice he ran and hid behind the couch.

Also, they each have new TV spots up.

Hackett's new spot is called "Best" and features a picture of Hillary Clinton with voice over using liberal as a pejorative. Jennifer found this a little odd. "Why is there a picture of Hillary Clinton there?" Last time I checked, Hackett wasn't running for president and Clinton wasn't running for a congressional seat in PA.

It seems that Hillary has replaced Ted Kennedy as the favorite Republican boogeyman.

The Meuser campaign new entry is "Reagan & The Pledge" . There must be a rule that says any Republican running for office has to invoke the memory of Saint Ronny. It has the usual shots of him walking through Pride claiming he has the knowledge to create "good paying jobs." It closes with him saying he signed the pledge never to vote for a tax increase. Why raise taxes to pay for a war or rebuild a major city wiped out in a hurricane when you can borrow the money from China?

I notice that Meuser's Securing Our Borders ad has stopped airing and the PA Democratic Party weighs in with this bit of mischief:


HARRISBURG: On Friday, March 14, the Scranton Times reported that the Republican candidate for Congress, Dan Meuser’s company had hired multiple illegal immigrants and was fined $23,000 for having broken the law.

This news came out just days after he aired a misleading and hypocritical television ad touting a strong positing on immigration. In January, Lou Barletta announced his endorsement of Dan Meuser stating “Dan Meuser will fight to secure our borders, and will oppose any and all attempts at amnesty” [release, 1/10/08].

“Will Lou Barletta rescind his endorsement of illegal immigrant employer Dan Mesuer or will he flip flop on the one issue he says matters the most to Americans?” asked Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman T.J. Rooney. “This is the true test, if Lou Barletta refuses to renounce his support of Dan Mesuer, how can we trust anything he says?

“Perhaps Lou Barletta believes the he and his friends are above the law.”

The Independent, Conservative, Common Sense Oasis points out:

From President Nixon to Congressman Sherwood the lesson that no one in politics ever seems to learn is — that the cover-up is worse than either an actual or perceived scandal. Right now the perception is that Dan Meuser, while not actively covering it up, hoped that no one would have learned about this — which again reeks of amateurism.

If you are going to claim the mantle of immigration enforcer, common sense would have told you this was going to come out.

Who is advising Mr. Meuser? Dan, whoever it is — fire them.


kar said...

It's amazing how many people want to "help" Dan, the unsolicited advice keeps rolling in.

Yeah, fire the group that got him 4,100 signatures on his petetion, more than Carney & Hackett combined.

Fire the group that has run an extremely effective campaign, one that has Dan speaking to overflow crowds at every stop.

Yeah fire the group that has helped Dan secure the endorsements of virtually every prominent republican leader in the 10th district, and notables such as Santorum and Barletta.

Ah, don't hold your breath,advice from those whose campaigns were train wrecks isn't going to jump to the head of the line.

Note to Kanjo & Co., you wanted to talk issues with Barletta, why don't you start already?

Ciao for now

Anonymous said...

If you will notice the Hackett commercials are using dems that Meuser has given money to. A little subliminal messaging going on.

As far as Barletta and issues perhaps an issues page on Lou's web site would be nice. Lou as also been saying he wants this campaign to be about issues. If he wants to discuss issues with so much zest maybe he can start

Anonymous said...

LOL Gort. My dog started to howl and wimper when he heard Santorondog.

Anonymous said...

Oh big whoop, KAR, your idiot propped up Lou. That's right, compromise votes over ethics.

Dump this creep, Lou, while there is still time!

Meanwhile Meuser is still a scumbag politician with all his kick-back fines, graft, and now illegals. Yah, a true Hillary - Rangel conservative who lives and works in the 11th. Great guy if you ask me.

Bob Kelly said...

It's funny how all the Anons talk so tuff. Come on, tell us, is it Chris or Dave???
Anyway, I just wanted to say nice new ad Chris. I promise, I won't vote for Hillary because of your ad.
Who the hell writes this crap and tells you to use it. That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Hey, keep up the good work. It'll all be over in a few weeks then you can kick Dave in the ass and he could go back to cracking backs.

Big Dan said...

How the Reagan/bu$h I deregulation of the commercial banks and savings and loan banks caused a drastic redistribution of income to the super wealthy - and precipitated this current crisis of greed caused by the local banks, mortgage writers, big banks, investment banks, privatized Federal Reserve Banks and international central bankers.


Federal requirements that set maximum interest rates on savings accounts were phased out. This eliminated the advantage previously held by savings banks.

Checking accounts could now be offered by any type of bank.
All depository institution could now borrow from the fed in time of need, a privilege that had been reserved for commercial banks. In return all banks had to place a certain % of their deposits in the fed. This gave the FED more control and stabilized state banks.

Garn - St. Germain Act of 1982 allowed savings banks to now issue credit cards, make non residential real estate loans and commercial loans; actions previously only allowed to commercial banks.
The Effect of Deregulation - The S&L Crisis

Deregulation practically eliminated the distinction between commercial and savings banks.
Deregulation caused a rapid growth of savings banks and S&L's that now made all types of non homeowner related loans. Now that S%L's could tap into the huge profit centers of commercial real estate investments and credit card issuing many entrepreneurs looked to the loosely regulated S&L's as a profit making center.

As the eighties wore on the economy appeared to grow. Interest rates continued to go up as well as real estate speculation. The real estate market was in what is known as a "boom" mode. Many S&L's took advantage of the lack of supervision and regulations to make highly speculative investments, in many cases loaning more money then they really should.

When the real estate market crashed, and it did so in dramatic fashion, the S&L's were crushed. They now owned properties that they had paid enormous amounts of money for but weren't worth a fraction of what they paid. Many went bankrupt, losing their depositors money. This was known as the S&L Crisis.

In 1980 the US had 4,600 thrifts, by 1988 mergers and bankruptcies left 3000. By the mid 1990's less than 2000 survived.

The S&L crisis cost about 600 Billion dollars in "bailouts." This is 1500 dollars from every man woman and child in the US.
In summary, the S&L crisis was caused by deregulation which led to high interest rates that then collapsed. Other causes included inadequate capital and defrauding shorthanded government regulatory agencies (less regulators and inspectors).

Big Dan said...

More at that link:

Big Dan said...

Guess the "Charlie Rangel Building" kind of pales in comparison to how REAGAN started destroying our country! You idiots!

Dutch said...

So Big Dope,

Was Reagan's deregulation responsible for eight depressions in 1807, 1837, 1873, 1882, 1893, 1920, 1933, and 1937

Here is thing Big Dick Head.... recessions happen. Economies run in cycles. Those of us who have the sense and balls to stick it out survive and thrive. Pussy liberal democrats become more reliant on big gov't and take the crumbs and think they have been given cake. Deregulation is best for the economy. Will bad things happen of course that called LIFE you jackass. Life isn't fair, it isn't easy, but the more we support the idiots the more our country falls.

You liberals are so into evolution and natural selection, why don't we let it takes it course. Maybe then the strong of our society and those that use welfare as a job might actually work and stop procreating more idiots into the gene pool

Rent idiocracry it is a stupid movie, but great social commentary.

pj the wb lefty said...

Why would Kanjo even try to bring up another issue? Like people here have said, Mayor Lou's site talks about one thing and one thing only....he's a one trick pony.
I love the fact that he asked all three candidates for POTUS to come to Hazleton to talk illegal immigration when none of them has the same stance. I wonder who he'll support...This guy's guess?
You heard it here first. A write in vote! DOBBS '08!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are correct pj. all ya have to do is check out lou's web site. still no issues page....

i thought he wanted to talk issues...

that's right he only has one... and he lost on that...

kar said...


You make me laugh, you are a very funny guy. Kanjo & Company talked about how they couldn't wait to engage Lou on the issues, yet they have done nothing but sling mud sice Lou announced.

Issues, get your red hot issues here.

I report, you decide.


NEPAExpat said...


I think you are going too far back to dig to find what's caused the current mess. To find the real focus of the current economic situation you have to look at 4 significant pieces of legislation:

1 and 2. The "Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997" (Clinton) and the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Act of 2001 (Bush). Both of these cuts reduced capital gains taxes from 28% to 15%. The reduction in capital gains taxes is directly responsible for the quarter to quarter mentality on Wall Street. Encouraging cashing out of a company encourages capital to leave the U.S. which kills any opportunity for long standing business to survive. Capital gains can be fudged for a period of time. Anyone who wishes to keep these taxes low is encouraging fraud in the marketplace plain and simple.

3. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (Clinton). This act repealed Glass Steagall which kept commercial banks from merging with investment banks. Commercial banks are no longer stewards of your deposits and now fall to the whims of hitting the long ball with YOUR money. This type of activity has been branded a CAUSE of the Great Depression. Due to the speculative activity of banks, there is not enough money in FDIC to cover lost deposits.

4. Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (Bush). This law destroyed all underwriting guidelines for mortgages because people could no longer file bankruptcy under these circumstances. This law did not take into account the dangers provided if a large number of people defaulted. (Full disclosure: I saw this second-hand as my wife was an underwriter for Countrywide in 2005-2006) Guidelines became lowered because real estate was going up.

Final Score: 2-2
Both sides screwed things (so enough with the it's all Bush's fault mantra) and there are many changes needed to keep us from a Japan style economy for the next 20 years.

OT: Clinton (gave all our advanced technology overseas)
Bush (we're completely in hock to China with our government debt)

Both R candidates signed the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge". They just handcuffed themselves. Good luck convincing area residents that people who used fraud to profit to pay lower taxes than the people you wish to represent.

Keep the dividend tax cut, eliminate the tax on saving, but increase the capital gains rate to keep our capital resources in this country. Otherwise, you destroy the middle class in this country.

Too bad neither side has any advisors who took anything beyond Supply Side 101.

Anonymous said...
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Gort said...

Way out of bounds Anon 6:22