Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Showdown in Texas

And Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Will the Democratic nomination be settled tonight or will Pennsylvania have a say in this thing? The polling I've been watching suggests that Hillary Clinton will win Rhode Island and may eek out a win in Ohio. Barry Obama has a big lead in Vermont and has taken a lead in Texas. President Clinton and our Governor "Rapid Edward" Rendell have suggested that if she doesn't win both Ohio and Texas she is done. Now the Clinton campaign says that if Obama doesn't win all 4 states she is still alive. I certainly want it to come down to PA for the first time since 1976 but if it's a split tomorrow I think Hillary has to make a graceful exit.

On the Republican side it looks like John McCain will get the delegates he needs to wrap up the nomination ending the Huckaboom.

Thanks to Down With Tyranny for the fun with photoshop above.


professor milburn cleaver, opa said...

Should Mrs. Clinton eek out a win in both Ohio and Texas she will have the argument that only she can carry the big electoral states in the Fall. I understand that Mr. Obama has carried many more states, but they are small states--does the Democratic party wish to sever itself by nominating a big fish in a small pond?? I dispute claims made by the young children who are supporting Mr. Obama that he will not be as offensive as Hillary to the Republicans and that indeed if he is nominated they (with their disdain for McCain) will opt to stay home; whereas if Mrs. Clinton is given the nod the GOP faithful will vote come rain snow ice or sleet. My young students, look around your world these past ten days, what with the media being exploited to carry the "Is he a Muslim?" torch; the obvious fact is that most of those minds that can be swayed by such tripe would be more likely to support Mrs. Clinton over someone they believe to be (tragically) a Muslim. Look for Mrs. Clinton to edge out Mr. Obama in Tx and Oh tonight, and it's on to Pennsylvania which should give her a more solid victory and a path to the nomination. Thank you for listening. Class dismissed.

DownWithTyranny said...

Gort, thanks for the credit, but it was my pals at FDL who came up with that one, not Adam here at DWT.

JACQ said...

Great post, Gort.