Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grier Applies For Luzerne County job

Grier’s PR job application takes jab

Wilkes-Barre activist Tim Grier has facetiously applied for a Luzerne County public relations consultant position. In a lengthy application submitted to Chief Clerk/Manager Doug Pape, Grier outlined his experience monitoring government and working on campaigns.

“You seek assistance in message strategy – rather than wait for you to hire me, I will give you my trade secret -- BE HONEST AND FORTHRIGHT WITH THE CITIZENS OF LUZERNE COUNTY,” Grier wrote in his application. “In all honesty, I believe that is exactly what the county needs to get back on track.”

Big Dan has the entire letter.

Of course he is wasting his time but it might be a good idea to give him the job. As Lyndon Johnson once said: Better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in.

But as usual the fix is in. My sources in the courthouse inform me that this guy has been promised the position.

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professor milburn cleaver, opa said...

Hats off to Gort for his uncanny humour (whatever did become of the colourful Iraqi Information Minister?). Of course, Mr. Grier is not a man without ideas, however his approach is nothing less than a modern day medicine man show. I understand that the few in the county who do care about the political situation are looking for a leader, however Mr. Grier is not the proper choice. To many of the working folk he comes off as a smart aleck, spoiled child who will not eat his dinner unless he gets his dessert first. Mr. Skrepenak and the lot had this poor naive young man figured out from the very beginning. Unfortunately for the people of Luzerne County, the political activists/commentators both print and audio did not. They were searching for a hero when they found he was nothing but a Wizard of Oz figure. A figure promising a remarkable legal fight on behalf of the common man of LC; a figure now reduced to submitting a sarcastic job application to the county government. As an old mentor of mine once told me "Watch who you pick for a leader, for he may lead you into the sea."
Class dismissed.