Saturday, March 29, 2008

This should clinch it

Both members of the Luzerne County Republican Committee are backing Karen Boback for reelection as State Rep in the 117th District. This should assure her a primary victory over James May since this bunch has such a stellar track record. In the last county election they were able to lose every single contest.
I keep hearing a rumor that Chairwoman Lynette Villano will be stepping aside soon but I can't confirm who will be taking over this dynamic organization.


Anonymous said...

You've gotta love when a politician places an ad in the paper and makes it look like an "official story". Boback's in the same league as timeshare salesmen and drug companies.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...Boback gets the impotent Luzerne GOP Committee's endorsement and James May gets the nod from the PA Club for Growth, the GOP's real power brokers. Here's to another election-year loss, Ms Villano!

David P of Mt Top said...

Please call into Sue Henry and Steve Corbett next week and demand that Karen Boback debate James May.

This guy is an Iraq War Veteran who has placed his life on the line for our freedom. The least we can do is to make a phone call on his behalf.

If Freshman Rep Boback refuses to debate this Iraq War Veteran, that will be the height of arrogance. Doesn't her billboard say "Honors Veterans"? How does she do that, by handing them a pin? Give me a break! That part of the billboard is just as true as the part where she claims to be a "Conservative Leader".

Please call on Monday (883-0098) and lets demand a debate.

Anonymous said...

Club for Growth - power brokers? if you call funneling campaign contributions to those far-right radicals who don't have viable campaigns, e.g. Dave Madeira, then that's power.

If James May is such a proud Iraq veteran, how did he forget he worked for our country two years ago? I appreciate his service to our country, but also realize that a candidate needs to be able to say something of substance after the first 15 second soundbite. Have you ever talked about issues with him? I have. Russ Bigus actually sounds smart compared to him.

Anonymous said...

You mean former Republican Russ Bigus who is about as miserable as his old man when he was an abusive state trooper? Bigus never had any substance to any of his debates and spoke in platitudes. Now that he is Mr. Dem let's hear him spout his liberal side like like the pretty in pink Dr. Boback

Oh yes, you mean Mrs. Villano and her pathetic bunch are still around?

May_Supporter said...

We've been over this before...PA Club for Growth did NOT endorse Madeira. They DID endorse 5 pro-business candidates last election, 4 of whom won. One of their candidates took out GOP fatcat Sen. Chip Brightbill. So yes, they are power brokers who put their money and influence towards real Conservatives. I'm sure Boback would have jumped at the chance for their endorsement, if she weren't so busy voting out of step with the GOP and hosting $200 a plate fundraisers.

By the way, if you say May can't "say something of substance" why doesn't Boback just agree to a debate and put this thing to rest? Ironic, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

yeah, that Russ Bigus.

Let me rephrase my Club for Growth comments.

Club for Growth President ex-congressman Pat Toomey personally endorsed David Madeira in his failed race for senate. (I thought I remembered seeing it on CFG letterhead,but maybe Dr. Dave can spare a minute from pulling Hackett's feet from his mouth to clarify for us) You couldn't find an ad or listen to a Madeira speech without the reference.

may_supporter said...

So at least we can agree that Russ Bigus is not the right person for the job! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, russ bigus has money riding on his lib chum, the pretty in pink dr. booback.