Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Former DA says Meuser's numbers don't add up


Ex-Wayne County DA casts doubt on Meuser claims;
Research documents show far broader and intentional violation of immigration laws;
Meuser called upon to release legal documents

Dallas, PA – Today, former Wayne County District Attorney Mark Zimmer, raised serious questions about the account Dan Meuser gave of his company’s violations of immigration law in a recent Scranton Times article.

In the March 7, 2008 article entitled “Meuser firm fined in ’97 over illegals,” Dan Meuser is quoted as claiming that the hirings were “unintentional” and the result of “phony identification,” and limited to only three illegal aliens. Meuser repeated those claims in a debate that took place yesterday (see CitizensVoice.Com, “First Meuser-Hackett debate focuses on conservative values,” March 18, 2008).

In a letter to Meuser (attached), District Attorney Zimmer outlined two salient points about immigration law. First, employers can only be fined if they knowingly hire illegals. Second, at the time, the fine for a first offense was limited to a maximum of $2,000 per illegal alien. Meuser’s company was fined $41,000, suggesting significantly more than three illegal hirings.

In his letter, Zimmer went on to cite a report by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) about the case against Meuser’s company. The CIS report indicates that Meuser’s business was fined for 58 instances of continued violations of immigration laws, which is defined as “The continued employment of an unauthorized worker after the worker’s unauthorized status came to the attention of the employer.”

This degree of pervasive violation of the law would represent 39% of the entire workforce of Meuser’s company at the time; and indeed, the $41,000 fine is the second largest illegal alien employment fine on record for a Pennsylvania manufacturing company. Zimmer concludes his letter by asking Meuser to release all legal documents pertaining to this case.

CIS sanctions database has the details.


West Side Republican said...

Come on Kar, deflect this one for your snake!

Anonymous said...


if this turns out to be accurate then Meuser wasted all that money on the house at the lake.

also, again if true this will hurt barletta for endorsing Meuser.

what is the story according to kar?

Anonymous said...

Bye-Bye Dan.

Anonymous said...

KAR 54 where are you??

Barry said...

Every time I think the Damn Meuser has hit a new low I blink and it gets worse. Dan Meuser is drawing us down a rabbit hole where down is up and right is wrong. Truth is whatever you pay hired guns like Mike “Mr. Pay-Grab” Long to say it is. He talks tough on defense but never served. He talks tough on Immigration but hired illegals. He talks tough on Senior Citizens but killed more than a few. He calls for fiscal conservatism but his Company is founded at least in part on bilking the tax payers with a sleazy sometimes deadly wheelchair scam. Whatever Dan Meuser comes out against is almost always something that he did in private life. Now it appears that Dan Meuser lied about the facts surrounding his huge fine for hiring illegal immigrants.

I think after this it is obvious that with Reverend Ely out of the race Chris Hackett is the best Republican. Besides Chris Hackett’s wife is prettier.
Yours truly,
Barry O’Connell

kar said...

I'm right here anonymoussessess. I just listened to Corbett, and Dan himself addressed the issue.

Dream on losers, it's going to take more than phony former DA and pipe dreams to derail Dan.

Hackett & Corbett working together, the "Chris & Chris" show...very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Barry those in glass houses.

Hackett never gave any money to a repubican but did play for play with skrep and vondy. I don't remember the figures but he gave them a few thousand and then got a sweet deal from the county.

Last time I checked, Chris I married money, Hackett never served in the military either.

If you are going to start throwing around that criteria well then reelect Carney, U.S. Naval Reserve.

He may have gotten some things wrong, but he has the balls to put it on the line for his country, not like the $$ twins.

kar said...


A small point I know, but the Reverend Ely has endorsed Dan Meuser, not Chris Hackett.

Nice cheap shot about the wives, but nothing you say would surprise me, I take it you haven't look in a mirror lately.


Barry said...

I am shocked. I meant prettier than Mrs. Hackett used to be. From a mere wisp of a girl she has taken on the mantle of rapidly approaching middle age with both grace and aplomb. How could you be so shallow as to assume I was slighting Mrs. Meuser. By your very actions you yourself insult poor Mrs. Meuser. I suggest that you apologize for what the youth of today would call throwing Mrs. Meuser under the bus. I myself think that Mrs. Meuser is a handsome woman. Shame on you Kar.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

kar said...

Barry, Barry, Barry, my "cheap shot" comment was intended to chide you for even introducing the wives into the conversation.

You are a sad excuse for a human being, even the mafia leaves the family out of the conversation. Have you no shame?

Shelly, by the way is a charming, intelligent and attractive woman


Gort said...

Hey guys, a request. Leave the wives and kids out of this.

Anonymous said...

gort you should delete the comments with refrences to the wives. this is low even for kar and barry.

NEPAExpat said...


This one is easy to explain.

Dan Meuser is a business leader but looks to give opportunity to those who may not have the chance in the private sector. The HR representative in charge of verifying employee data at that time was actually David Patterson, before he became governor of New York.

It is tough for small business to comply with the labor laws from invisible government bureaucrats. In this case, Dan Meuser is an innovative businessman evidenced through his compliance of Affirmative Action and ADA regulations.

paul said...

kids and wives are off limits. Leave them out of this.

Zimmer should have concentrated more on the law and then maybe Ray Hamill would not have killed him in the judge race.

Just some background- Zimmer is a club for growth guy-
1. who endorsed hackett- club for growth
2. who is great buddies with- Jerry Bermilin- Jerry is earning big bucks from Hackett- $20,000++

As they say in journalism- look to the source. One thing hackett seems to have broken his pledge to run a clean campaign. I think the gloves will be coming off.

Anonymous said...

so pointing out facts is now bad....

holy shit if anyone speaks questions saint dan they are no dam good and should be dammed to hell.

Anonymous said...

er hmm kar

i heard

err err ummm hmmm

mueser on

eerr ummm ahh ahem


if i cuold have pieced his freaking words together maybe i would have gotten his point and the stammering was amplified by what sounded like a speaker phone

Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment-
Barry is working for Carney- That is who he supports- look at the other strings.

Pretty smart Barry- come in slamming one candidate and make it look like you are supporting the other all the time you are supporting Carney- good job-

My question is why would you attack Meuser???

Could it be that Carney is afraid to take on Meuser and would rather take on Hackett?? temp jobs will get the unions pretty upset and then the $$$ flows in.

Carney has told two prominent Dems that he can beat Hackett pretty easily while he thinks he can beat meuser but not as easily. Think things through boys before you start picking sides- look at the long term play here.

Michael Anderson said...

I could not support either Meuser or Hackett. Yes i'm a Republican, but those guys are too much of a Warmongers and they don't know anything about the Constitution.

My choice for President is Ron Paul. The only candidate that understands the Constitution.


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