Saturday, March 08, 2008

Chris Carney for Congress

Last night me and Mrs. G attended a campaign event for Pennsylvania 10th District Congressman Chris Carney. Don't worry folks I haven't sold out because I received a press pass courtesy of his ace press secretary Rebecca Gale. I'm too cheap to part with 50 bucks that will go to any politician. Actually I think that the money being spent on these campaigns is obscene but that's another post.
He asked me for my assessment of the race and I told him that I think he is in good shape. I'll repeat it again; Challengers don't win elections, Incumbents lose them. He hasn't done anything to lose this thing.
The crowd was overflowing. I counted 300+ chairs set up around the tables and we couldn't find a seat. When he spoke the tables were full and another 200 or more people were standing to the side.
His speech was mercifully short. He pointed to his accomplishments, working with Senator Casey, to extend the Army college education program for Iraq/Afghanistan national guard/reserve veterans. The benefits used to end when someone separated from the service but now can be used for 10 years after discharge. He wrote that bill so don't tell me freshman can't get things done. He also took some shots at the oil industry and the incompetence of DHS trying to build a virtual fence along the southern border.
The best thing he said is that he is willing to work with any member of Congress, regardless of party, to find solutions to our country's problems.
I've posted some pictures from the event on my Facebook site if you're interested.


Zen said...

He hasn't done anything to lose the election? Mayhap because he voted how Pelosi told him to vote but let me ask you, what has he done to win the election? What has he done for the 10th? Gort, we may come from opposite ends of the spectrum politically but you know I do respect you and like what you write even if I don't agree with it philosophically, after the general, let's get toether for a beer or dinner. I think my wife would have a great time with your S.O. laughing at our expense.

Gort said...

What is S.O.?

My wife laughs at me all the time.

Zen, I think you me, kar and all the the commenters should get together before the primary. The Northeast Bloggers Association may even sanction it.

Pick a place and time.

Gort said...

BTW, Nancy Pelosi is not on the ballot.

kar said...


As previously stated it would be my pleasure to treat you and your wife to pizza, beer and wings at Grotto after the general election... no political discussions please, Zen and spouse or s.o., please join us.

peace out.

NEPAExpat said...


People will vote for their own self-interests first. Hackett and Meuser haven't presented a convincing enough case that they are capable of translating their business successes to the rest of the district.

People will vote for pork versus having to survive on less.

Carney has plenty of holes, but until either candidate can present a convincing enough story of:
1. Chris Carney's voting record has favored using corn for fuel versus food, which has caused noticeable pain at the supermarket.
2. Chris Carney's faulty research has caused us to waste billions of dollars in Iraq.

Who knows, maybe the winner may hammer the first point home in the general election.
Unfortunately, both are playing the wrong card regarding "the war on terror". Neither candidate has any military experience and has no gravitas on spending resources on an unquantifiable enemy.

There's plenty of time, but both candidates are spending too much time on vanity commercials versus showing the district things will be better for them 2 years from now.

Zen said...

Gort and Kar, Ghetto Pizza works for me. S.O. is of course, significant other. As for day and time, I need a little notice to arrange a sitter for the kids.

I know Pelosi isn't on the ballot but the fact is Carney is her lapdog and does nothing without her permission. His voting since winning the seat from that idiot Sherwood has been very controlled to help him retain his seat. If he miraculously wins this time, I think we'll see how he really votes!!

Nepaexpat, good comments and I can't really disagree with anything you wrote. I do honestly believe that either Hackett or Meuser would be a far better choice for the 10th than a left coast pet.I am now behind Meuser and think he has the best chance of taking back the seat.

Barry said...

If it is the Grotto at Harvey's Lake count me in. I love that place and only get there once every 3 or 4 years. It would be fun to to match the bark of the dog in comments to the size of the dog in person.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell
Grotto Pizza Lover and real Conservative

Anonymous said...

Theres an infamous memo called Feith-Carney. Kanjorski has been traveling his district saying George Bush aka CIA lied to him about the presence of WMD. That is the reason he voted to support sending troops to Iraq. A quote from an article "Several years later, Kanjorski said he learned that the pictures were "a god-damned lie," apparently taken by CIA photographers in the desert in the southwest of the U.S. The drone story itself had already been disproved, although not many major media carried that story Now, that he supposedly learned the truth he wants every one to blame Bush.

The part he is conveniently leaving out,because Paul is notorious for doing so, is a secret memo prepared at the Pentagon by Douglas Feith and Chris Carney. Yes the same Chris Carney who wants to bring the troops home. Well, genius who put them there in the first place, 50 individual points made in the memo.

Ohh., other little tidbit. Congress received a scheduled $4,100.00 pay raise this year. The average senior citizen received $288.00 in the Social Security check. But lets not forget the increase in the Medicare premium comes out of that $288.00. Who pays for the increase in Congressional Healthcare? Hmmmm...Chris is more vulnerable that people think.

As for pork I will give Carney credit. When he brings it home, unlike Kanjorski, at least it doesnt end up in his own refigerator.

Gort said...

SO=significant other. Duh. I sometime lose track of all the acronyms.

Anon 1:23. A correction. From SSA's website:

The average monthly Social Security benefit for a retired worker is about $1,050 as of the end of June 2007.

We seem to having a Kumbaya moment on this thread. We all agree that pizza and beer are good.

Big Dan said...

I think it's simply enough to vote for Carney, just to have a Democrat vote in the House, instead of the fascist Republicans who vote for sticking their noses in our bedrooms with birth control, voting for torture (Bush & McCain just did that, Bush vetoed a bill that bans torture, MY GOD! And McCain voted against banning torture), voting for telecom immunity, I can go on and on... would the Republicans, Meuser, Hackett, Barletta...ALL OF THEM, vote on doctors refusing to prescribe birth control, telecom immunity, banning waterboarding, etc...


And health care, ending the 3 trillion dollar taxpayer expense Iraq War....

All Republicans do is say, "I'm against the terrorists", and ridiculous things like that!

Big Dan said...

...or "You're safer from terrorist, if you vote for me", and then you have Barletta threatening a blogger!


The economy is crashing at the helm of the Republicans' policies from 2000--->2006.

What about $4 gas prices? What about $4 heating oil?

Great job, Republicans!








Big Dan said...

Republicans saying should be: "Spending our tax money over we don't have to spend it over here!"

And don't blame 9/11, "everything changed since 9/11". Most of the record defincit spending under Bush has nothing to do with 9/11! And besides, if "conservatism" was such a good philosophy, why did Republicans throw it out the window because of "the terrorists"? I guess "terrorism" beat "conservatism", if 9/11 is to blame for all the record govt spending under Bush & the Republicans!

Big Dan said...

How come when Republicans had control of every branch of govt from 2000->2006, and nominated every Supreme Court justice, every head of every govt dept, etc....they didn't ban abortion? There was their chance, and they didn't even TRY! You know why? Because they LIE about it to get votes! They can never say again, that if you vote Republicans in, we'll ban abortion! Because they DIDN'T when they had their chance from 2000->2006! It's a LIE to get votes!

Big Dan said...

Republicans run on "vague" things, like, "You'll be safe, if you vote for me!"

Was it safe on 9/11? Republican George Bush was president, Republican Dick Cheney was Vice-President, we had a Republican House, and a Republican Senate...and 9/11 happend on REPUBLICAN watch! That's safe???

Anonymous said...

hey big dan,

what specifics is obama running on?
Hope - vague
Change - vague

both sides run on vagueness

Right Winger said...

Hey, how come I'm not invited. I mean I know I've been a slacker lately but it's Little League season.
I did suggest gathering for drinks previously on my blog but I was cheap and didn't suggest food too.
I'm sure Zen could be swayed with a Martini over a beer but hey, I'd like to join this gathering too. Hell, I'll even send out press releases.

NEPAExpat said...


Most politicians are pets to one coast or the other. When Congress voted to raise the limits of Fannie and Freddie, they were being pets of coastal interests that were looking for a bailout because they were the ones left holding the bag. When Congress votes for allowing state income tax deductions, they are pets to states with high income taxes (After 50k in income, CA taxes its state residents at 9%).

Chris Carney is voting his way to increase his war chest. Personally, both candidates supporting the "let's fight them abroad, so we don't have to fight them at home" is a fatal strategy. Instead of framing the debate as Carney selling his "brothers in arms" down the river, Meuser and Hackett give the impression of bleeding the troops dry. Stop-loss of troops is a reality. PTSD or battle fatigue or shellshock (depending on your George Carlin frame of reference) is a reality. At this point, keeping the troops overseas is a statistical glitch to make our unemployment rate 1-2% lower than reality.

For all the complaints regarding Meuser's residency, Chris Carney's ties to the area are shorter than that of the tens of thousands of bright minds that have left the area after finishing school.

The race could be a cakewalk for either R candidate. Unfortunately, both need to update their tired playbooks. Otherwise, people will become easily distracted with "lapdog" accusations from all sides.

Big Dan said...

"Let's spend our tax money over we don't have to spend it over here!"

"""The Bush Debt: $7.7 Trillion: Today, lawmakers took to the Senate floor and blasted President Bush’s wasteful spending. To fully illustrate the impact, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), brought up a chart showing the budget plans of President Clinton versus the budget formulated by Bush. He concluded that by squandering Clinton’s government surplus, Bush has cost the country $7.7 trillion

The Bush Debt: $7.7 Trillion: Today, lawmakers took to the Senate floor and blasted President Bush’s wasteful spending. To fully illustrate the impact, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), brought up a chart showing the budget plans of President Clinton versus the budget formulated by Bush. He concluded that by squandering Clinton’s government surplus, Bush has cost the country $7.7 trillion"""

Bush: NOT a conservative!!!!!!!!

Big Dan said...


Obama voted FOR banning torture, Bush vetoed it.

Obama voted AGAINST the crazy bankruptcy bill which favored corporations over the little guys, Republicans voted lockstep 100% for it and it passed.

Obama was against the Iraq War from the start.

Wanna know anything else?

McCain votes 100% lockstep Republican, it will be a 3rd term of Bush.

McCain is Bush Full Lager!!!

Big Dan said...

McCain voted AGAINST banning torture, and he himself was captured & tortured in Vietnam!

Big Dan said...

What is McCain running on? More of the same!!! Exactly like a 3rd Bush term! He votes lockstep Republican on all important issues, he is no "maverick", that is false!

I'd rather have either Hillary or Obama, than Bush the 3rd!!!