Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meuser's campaign says Hackett broke his promise

Hackett Starts Negative Campaign Against Dan Meuser

Breaks promise to run a positive campaign as his campaign gets desperate

With a little over a month to go before Election Day, Chris Hackett broke his promise to run a positive campaign by attacking Conservative Republican Dan Meuser with a misleading letter from a supporter and in a press release.

On the day Dan Meuser officially entered the race for Congress, Chris Hackett told the Times Leader:

“I would like to congratulate him on his decision to run for Congress. I look forward to a positive campaign and primary.” (Times Leader, October 10, 2007)

After months of trailing Dan Meuser in fundraising, grassroots organization, and endorsements from national leaders like Senator Rick Santorum and Lou Barletta and local leaders in every county, Chris Hackett has broken his promise by launching a negative campaign.

Hackett supporter, Mark Zimmer launched a ridiculous and negative attack attempting to misrepresent an immigration issue at Dan’s company more than 13 years ago. That attack was followed by a negative press release that quoted Hackett’s campaign manager attacking Dan personally and negative comments by Hackett’s deputy campaign manager in area newspapers today.

In a letter prompted by Zimmer’s attacks, Pride Mobility chief counsel disputed the misrepresentations contained in Zimmer’s letter attacking Dan Meuser and Pride.

“The fact is that more than 13 years ago 3 illegal aliens defrauded Pride Mobility by providing our business with false identification.” Pride Chief Counsel Joe Burke said. “The assertion that there were more illegal immigrants is absolutely false.”

“Pride took responsibility and assured employment verification practices were immediately improved, so that a similar circumstance could never happen again. Contrary to Attorney Zimmer’s speculation, Pride never paid a $41,000 fine, in fact we paid a $23,000 settlement of administrative costs for the 3 illegals and additional records of American workers who were legal citizens, but did not have the additional identification required by the I-9. That is the sum and substance of the entire matter.”

“We continue to devote essential resources to assure that our employee hiring practices are of the highest caliber. Included among our innovations were the establishment of employee background checks, substantially increasing the number of skilled professionals devoted to human resources, personal interviews and the new BASIC PILOT Program.” Burke said.

Campaign Manager Eric Wallace said. “Chris Hackett’s ploy for political gain will not silence Dan Meuser. Dan will continue to speak out on behalf of small businesses and workers in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania and fight to prevent illegal aliens from victimizing our economy.”

“Chris Hackett finds himself losing this campaign by every measure and now he is beginning what looks like is going to be more than a month of unsubstantiated negative attacks,” Wallace said. “The people of the 10th District deserve better than Chris Hackett’s negative campaign.”

“Chris Hackett should have kept his word to run a ‘positive campaign and primary”. We will continue to talk about the issues like Dan’s experience of creating jobs, advocating for seniors as well as his conservative principles and we will aggressively defend ourselves against Hackett’s negative campaign. ”


Anonymous said...

wahh whaahh he hurt my fewings... whahh wahaa

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Dan Meuser broke the law, and now blames Hackett. This just proves to me as a voter in the 10th that Meuser lacks all accountability for his actions.

Anonymous said...

Anon- he took responsiblity, and fixed the problems. This was a set up by Zimmer (hackett supporter). the other allegations are all paperwork issues, which they paid a fine for. They also fixed the problem. My question is- why is a 13 year old problem that was fixed such a big deal. This is mud slinging at it's best. The other question is what has the federal government done about this? Nothing- so what happens when the small business who does not have the verification procedure that meuser's company has now do when the government makes them the police and fines them for hiring a person who gives the fake papers? They go out of business because once again the feds can't do there job.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:45

Any employer can check with the Social Security Administration to determine if an employee has a social security number. All they need is a telephone.

mattyb said...

guess the man who wanted to be judge has a lot of time on his hands these days.