Thursday, February 14, 2008

10th CD update

The big news in the race today is that Dan Meuser still hasn't moved into his new house in Harveys lake.

His explanation: “After doing a little research, we learned that this address needed to reflect where my family spends the predominance of their time,” Meuser said. “Therefore, as my renovations are taking a little longer than expected at Harveys Lake, we decided to use the old address on the petition to fully comply both with the letter and the spirit of the law.”Meuser said he hopes to move “in the near future” and would vote in Harveys Lake in the April 22 primary election.

This has raised a number of questions and Davis Haire’s campaign manager pounced on the news:

There aren’t too many people in this district who can afford a second house for half a million dollars, especially one purchased for the sole purpose of trying to legitimize a candidacy for Congress,” Whitehead said. “At the end of the day, Davis Haire is the only one who’s actually grown up in this district, the only rural conservative Republican in the race, and the only Republican candidate who can win the general election.”

A local politico had this reaction:

I find the whole situation a little suspicious. While you don't have to live in the district, just in the state, to run, people who circulate petitions for a candidate must reside in the district, just as someone signing. So in Meuser's case he technically could not sign his own petition, nor could he circulate his own petition. There is a place on the bottom for the person who circulates must sign and the signature must be notarized.

I find it odd that someone who is running farmed out his entire petition circulating duties... I wonder if he circulated the petitions himself at all, or is he just paying people off to do it? If he circulated any himself did he sign at the bottom? And what kind of message does it send to those that signed, that the candidate couldn't sign his own petition?

I don't care where he lives because the Constitution says you only have to be a resident of the state that you represent. But you have to wonder how long the renovations of the new house are going to take. Maybe they will be finished sometime in November if he is successful and if not he has a nice remodeled house with a swanky address to put on the market. And who pays $500,000 for a fixer-upper?

Until 2002 all of Luzerne County was part of the 11th CD and you wonder why this good Republican wouldn't run against Kanjorski if he really wanted to make a change. It's not like he gave money to him or anything?

Another question is can he vote in Harveys Lake if he doesn't actually live there? I remember a case from a few years ago when someone was appointed to the Wyoming Valley West School Board but was disqualified because he was using his father's address in Wilkes-Barre to vote. He had to pay a fine for falsifying his voter registration.

Chris Hackett's campaign declined to comment on the residency issue but picked up the support of a former rival:

Congressional Candidate Paul Swiderski Endorses Chris Hackett

DALLAS, PA – Today, Paul Swiderski, former congressional candidate for the 10th district, endorsed Chris Hackett to continue his battle to bring a principled grassroots conservative voice to Washington.

"Throughout my campaign, I was impressed with Chris Hackett and his principled stands on issues. His emphasis on bringing jobs to our region, securing the border, and ending wasteful spending is exactly what we need in Washington," said Swiderski.

"As an accountant, I am acutely aware of the plight of the hard working families of the 10th district. They work overtime, they cut expenses, in an effort to make ends meet, but the government takes such a large portion of their income. I know Chris will be a fighter for lower taxes and lower spending and that's a major reason for my endorsement."
"I am honored to have the endorsement of Paul Swiderski," said Chris Hackett, "He is a proud and principled Republican who I am sure will continue to work hard for our party, our region, and our country."


Anonymous said...

it sounds like haire's people are the only ones willing to say what people are thinking. if you talk to republicans about this race they are turned off by meuser's phoniness because it looks like he just left his home tanning booth after a trip to visit the vidal sasoon salon. that dog don't hunt outside his gated community

Anonymous said...

Surprise Surprise Swiderski edorses Hackett - subheading: former Madiera campaign worker endorses Madiera lackey. Dave you should have run yourself; you're bringing a good man down. As for Meuser's address: a non issue.

Tom said...

Who cares who paul swiderski is endorsing? LOSER!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meuser isn't about to sell his large house in Jackson Twp. for the dump he bought on Harveys Lake. That place is good enough to change into your bathing suit and cook some hotdogs and go home before dark.

Danny probably wants the Jackson mansion so he can vote for his old chum Kanjorski again.

West Side Republican said...

More proof Meuser is a pay to play boy

Anonymous said...

right about swiderski, the guy could not even get the signatures required to get on the ballot.

about Mueser\'s address being an issue, isn\'t that for the voter\'s to decide? it is amazing how whenever Mueser or his lackies talk or post they never discuss the voters, obviously because in money mueser\'s mind they can all be bought.

it is interesting thought that if he circulated any petitions and then put someone else\'s name on their if that is koscher with the fec, somthing the hacett camp should look into.

Dana said...

Why didn't Mr Meuser just run for Congress in the 11th District?

I already see Mr Haire's campaign position: "Like Hillary Clinton moving to New York to run for a Senate seat in a place which was never her home, Dan Meuser is trying to carpetbag his way to the nomination in this district."

Anonymous said...

Chris Hackett...Skrep and Petrilla are looking for you. Why haven't you given them any more money recently??

I'm sure your lapdog Madeira will be more than happy to be an emissary.

Anonymous said...

Meuser could not run in the 11th against Kanjorski
1- he and his brother have given money to him.
2- that would take courage and Meuser doesn\'t seem to have much of that, he can only cope with what he can purchase.
3- then he wouldn\'t be able to say how his life is in the 10th, though until 2002 he was living in the 11th, his business was and remains in the 11th
4- he doesn\'t have what it takes to overcome any great odds. he bought a successful company and now he is trying to buy an election.

Anonymous said...

Swiderski is free to endorse whoever he likes, but he wasn't a Madiera supporter, he was a Baker supporter, and at her victory party to boot.

Looks like Haire will have a hayday with the residency issue though!

Bob Kelly said...

Once again, since no one will give me an answer on the other posts, someone please tell me the differences between the people of the 10th and the people of the 11th. As soon as I drive from Swoyersville in to Edwardsville I guess the whole world must change.
And to address the whole Swiderski thing. Swiderski came out of the gate with his very first post on his free cookie cutter website and started trashing Dan Meuser for being a millionaire and never mentioned Hackett. You need conviction Paul. Then he tells everyone he's going to meet with the three candidates before he makes his decision and comes out praising Hackett???? Right......that all wasn't planned. And yes, Swiderski was a volunteer for Madeira. I wish I could take some money off you people. If I come up with hard evidence does anyone want to bet some money on it so I'm not wasting my time for nothing?

Anonymous said...

Hey - bob kelly - the difference between the people in the 11th district is that they don't have to vote against an idiot like Meuser; the people in the 10th DO get to vote against him - take your Medicare grabbing candidate back to his chairlift workshop where he belongs!!!

Anonymous said...

I volunteered for Baker and it wasn't until the general election that swiderski showed his face. I'm sure it can be documented but really who cares - it was obvious from the start he was in it only to diss Meuser.
As far as where Meuser lives as stated in the article the constitution states you only need to live in the state you represent. If I remember correctly the district line (redrawn just a few years ago) is about 200 feet from his house - not so much of a difference. Dan has lived worked and contributed to this community for many many years- he didn't just move here to run for office. Get over it and move on to some real issues about how each candidate proposes to effectively represent their constituents.

Anonymous said...

well since dan nor his lackies ever mention his constituents does it matter to him. all we ever hear about is Dan this and Dan that. No one ever talks about the people of his district.

and bob luzerne county is a small part of the 10th maybe dan can buy you an atlas with the the district highlighted on it since he buys everything else

it doesnt matter what he will do because he won't get a chance, chris carney is going to retain his seat. while the pretty twins talk about defending our country carney actually had the stones to put on the uniform.

Anonymous said...

The residency issue will come up and it could sway some voters. No doubt Swiderski was a plant- didn't know how much work it would take- either he is stupid (which i don't think) or he was a plant- i go with the latter. One thing in the paper that will help meuser is the number of signatures- it was reported in the paper that he had over 4,000. I just wonder how many Hackett and HAire got. Petition signatures have always been a precursor to success of the grassroots organization. Knowing Maderia he had a pretty good organization in the past so Hackett should be pretty good. If Haire doesn't have alot expect Maderia to go after him (not dirty politics but simply smart). Maderia said that Haire is dividing the vote among the religious right.

This is going to be an interesting primary!!

Anonymous said...

I've had enough of these Westmoreland Club phonies. I'm going for Haire and I don't really care if Carney returns.

Face it, the district mirrors the country as we've been inching to the left for quite some time.

Voters will ultimately get what they deserve and by 2010 or 11 the lackys and the stupid will wake up.

mean old man said...

Mr. Hackett and Mr. Muesser are two fine young men who could teach some of the older wags a thing or two about morals and values. Unlike Mr. Carney, whose main concern seems to be filling up his campaign war chest, Mr. Hackett and Mr. Muesser reflect the top 3 concerns of their fellow citizens: GOD, A FLAG, AND A COUNTRY. Take that Liberals!!! God Bless Mr's. Hackett and Meusser and take a hike Carney!!!!

Anonymous said...

so mean old man, tell me how the pretty twins have done that. Did they serve in the U.S. Armed Forces? Did they exploit the system to enrich themeslves?

These two wusses wouldn't know true service to flag or country. Chris Carney wears the uniform of the United States Navy, when one of these two are willing to put their lives on the line instead of hiding behind brave men and women then I would consider voting for them.

Anonymous said...

Don't see any signs of life around mucous's Harveys Lake home. Oh I forgot its not the 4th of July. Until then I guess he can hang out at Slob Rusty's dock.

D.B. Echo said...

Isn't that a picture of the brain-eating bad guy from Heroes?

D.B. Echo said...

Sylat, I mean. This would be easier if I ever actually watched TV. Aside from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

D.B. Echo said...

SylaR. Damn typos.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why people even question Meuser's motives. Do the math and it simply shows that he has no interest in the district or the people. He just wants a Congressional seat to bolster his ego and Medicare scamming company. Come on, he doesn't even live in the district, he paid someone to collect signatures, and his track record is being fined by the government multiple times for bad business practices, accused by an employee of sexual harrassment, donated to the Democrats, and has made a fortune from Medicare at taxpayers expense. How does this guy look his children in the eyes?

Anonymous said...

all mousie needs is another tan and he'll win the nomination. Folks in the 117th and 20th are pretty stupid overall.