Monday, February 04, 2008

Meet the candidate

Chris Hackett has listed a full slate of events on his website:

Monday, February 4

Union County Meet and Greet
When Mon, Feb 4, 7pm – 9pm
Where Carriage Corner, Mifliburg

Petition Singing Party
When Tue, Feb 5, 4pm – 8pm

Where Campaign HQ (23 Dallas Shopping Center, Dallas, PA 18612)
Description A chance to get your petition notarized and mix and mingle with other Hackett supporters.

Tuesday, February 12

Luzerne County Meet and Greet
When Tue, Feb 12, 7pm – 9pm
Where Grotto Pizza, Harveys Lake

Friday, February 15

Snyder County Meet and Greet
When Fri, Feb 15, 7pm – 9pm
Where Penn Valley Airport (New Terminal Building), Selinsgrove

Wednesday, February 20

Northumberland County Meet and Greet
When Wed, Feb 20, 7pm – 9pm
Where Edison Hotel, Sunbury

Monday, February 25

Montour County Meet and Greet
When Mon, Feb 25, 7pm – 9pm
Where Pine Barn Inn, Danville

In other 10th CD news I spotted a new Dan Meuser ad on WNEP's Noon Newscast today. It's not on YouTube yet but I will bring it to you as soon as it's posted.


Anonymous said...

How much money is Hackett and Meuser giving to Democrats this year?

Oh that's right, Meuser gives large to DC dems and Hackett only gives to local dems which should give him a pass. Meanwhile it's ok to pay to play, right?

Anonymous said...

OMG, sorry, but you just sound like a retard at this point. Everything has been explained over the past 6 months and you're still holding on to old garbage that has no bearing on anything. Seriously, come up with something intelligent anon! You're showing your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you're right, how stupid of me. Character doesn't matter any more. You've convinced me to the point that I'm putting a large check in the mail for Arlen Specter's next senatorial campaign and I'll save some for Hillary as Dan did. Is that ok with you now?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I would like to hear again how that has been explained...because all I've really heard is "all thats been explained", but no real explanation.

Why does a Republican like Meuser give tens of thousands of dollars to liberal democrats like Ed Rendell and Paul Kanjorski???

West Side Republican said...

Because the two men are pay to play guys. Party affiliations are a means to an end. Meuser is no more a Republican than Al Gore.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it is the electorate is looking more and more for government solutions for every aspect of our lives. Nothing more than addiction. Hackett and Meuser are no different regardless what they say. They both like the pay to play scheme and it doesn't matter to either of them who they have to grease. I don't see anyone getting excited about either of them, except their money crowd. Meuser wins the nomination but no the general. Carney and Kanjorski stay in office. In the 117th Boback is returned by a narrow margin. By evidence of McCain wins and polling, the country is shifting further to the left. This is nothing that should be startling. Conservative are out and the Republican party is further eroded as it has been held hostage by liberals and pretenders. See if I'm wrong?