Friday, February 29, 2008

This is going to be fun

Jane pointed out this Politico story where our never shy Congressman rips into his opponent:

What David Duke was to civil rights, my opponent has done that with immigration. He’s used that issue the same way Duke used the civil rights issue.” -Congressman Paul Kanjorski.

After a couple of weeks of the DCCC beating up Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta over a questionable campaign/personal loan the The Lu Lac Political Letter , with a little help from his friends, brought us the David Duke "endorsement" of America's Mayor.

Now Barletta wants an apology for the remarks by Kanjo:

"This week, I called for Paul Kanjorski to denounce the vicious and defamatory acts being waged at me by Democrats in Washington,” Barletta is quoted. “That was until I found out today that the congressman himself was making such outrageous and hateful claims. I call on him to recant his statement and it is my hope that he will apologize for his remarks.”

Lou, don't hold your breath waiting for that apology because David Duke is just the beginning. The Stormfront crowd are also big fans and I'm sure you will try to distance yourself from them. Good luck with that.

Update: Kanjo apologizes in a letter to Barletta

“Over the next eight months, we will be talking to the press and to the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania about issues that we passionately care about. Inevitably, there will be occasions in which we misspeak or our words are misconstrued.

“One such occasion occurred this week when I spoke to a reporter for the Politico. I did not say you were a racist and did not mean to imply it.”


Anonymous said...

fwiw, Kanjo did apologize.

Anonymous said...

not only have businesses closed in Hazelton thanks to Lou, if you no speak english get out, barletta no they are closing in w-b

thanks lou, let's hope the next person unemployed is you

Big Dan said...

How will Barletta vote on things such as SCHIP, telecom immunity, banning torture, and contraceptives?

Anonymous said...

Hi Big Dan

Who the f--k knows. Go to his web site, Mr. I want to talk about issues, (only in english) doesn't have one f---ing issue listed on his site.

He is an amateur and the out of towners running his campaign don't know enough about the local issues to tell him how to think about them.

He is a rank amatuer. Lou if you wanna talk f---ing issues try putting an issues page up on your g--dam web site.

Until then Kanjo has every right to attack your financial reporting problems. No one knows where the f--k you stand on any issue outside immigration.

BTW heard ya on Corbett, looks like your starting to change your tune on immigration now.

Anonymous said...

went to lou's web site
clicked on about lou where it says:

"Learn more about Lou Barletta right here. Discover where he stands on key issues and what he has planned for the future."

not one dam thing about one issue except immigration. how bout putting a position paper on you site lou. is your campaign full of a bunch of dumb asses that they haven't figured out your stances yet?