Thursday, February 14, 2008

Free Ride

According to PA Dept of State website 4 of our 6 Luzerne county state reps have no opposition in the Primary or General Election.

That stinks because I hate an uncontested election.

The winners are:

116th Todd Eachus

119th John Yudichak

120th Phyllis Mundy

121st Eddie Day Pashinski

All Democrats.

Update: Republican George Bath of Kingston Twp. is running against Phyllis Mundy in the 120th District.

Free ride


Anonymous said...

f'n shame

Anonymous said...

No free ride for Phyllis - George Bath filed against her as a Republican in the 120th!!!

Anonymous said...

who is george bath?

Bill Levinson said...

I'm a registered Republican, and I am backing Phyllis Mundy. She is the driving force behind a good part of the state's health care reform activity, and now Ed Pashinski is a major leader as well.

Gort said...

Glad you're back Bill. Toss me an email

West Side Republican said...

Bill, you are a moron and what's wrong with our area. What has Mundy done besides write editorials? And Pashinski? Isn't he chasing people who sell scrap metal at junk yards. Thank god he's tackling the tough issues. Play me another one, Eddie!

Bill Levinson said...

Re: "What has Mundy done besides write editorials?"

Opposed runaway Blue Cross premium hikes, and sponsored legislation to reduce health care costs while improving quality. Next question?

Now tell me what our party's people (e.g. Cordora) have done besides propose malpractice damage caps, without any effort to address the underlying system-related quality problems.

"And Pashinski?" Partnering with Mundy to sponsor legislation to require electronic prescriptions (which will greatly reduce deadly prescription errors), and also leading health care reform efforts. Next question?

Bill Levinson said...

Re: " Isn't he chasing people who sell scrap metal at junk yards."

The problem is that thieves are stealing metal, especially copper pipes, from construction sites and even homes. The price of copper is astronomical nowadays. I also heard that beer companies have a problem with their steel kegs disappearing. Yes, this problem needs to be addressed, and I agree with Pashinski's legislation.

HotRod Bob said...

Yes Bill it looks like she is doing so much, How is that new Blue Cross rate increase going? You're backing a dead horse, she's tapped out but will win again because people don't care that she is pro-choice and hasn't fixed the eighth street bridge in forever. Why did John Yudichak , someone with less seniority have a new bridge for his constituents in less than a year but Phyllis just seems to take the easy way out and patch patch patch.