Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PA-11th news

Eventual Republican nominee Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta is still getting hit with questions about the finances of his last run for Congress in 2002. Has he been paying on the loan or not? All he has to do is show some cancelled checks or a bank statement instead of unleashing his attack dogs on people who question the legality of the loan.

Mayor Lou had another headache when Klansman David Duke said:

"With the presidential “choices” pared down to Hillary, Obama and “Insane” John McCain, European Americans face an unmitigated disaster. Getting tough patriots like Lou Barletta elected is absolutely key to staving off four years of sustained attack on our interests.”

He said he wasn't aware of the "endorsement" and I believe him. He has become the focus of forces that he he can't control so expect more haters to offer help to Barletta which he will continue to disavow. It's hard to run a campaign when you have to keep pushing away your natural supporters.


Dana said...

It's unfortunate that Lou Barletta isn't a perfect candidate. Trouble is, he's the only candidate we have who stands a chance of sending Paul Kanjorski to a well-deserved retirement.

professor milburn cleaver, opa said...

I completely concur with Gort that Mr. Barletta was unaware of the Klan's endorsement; however, when one plays with fire one must expect to eventually get burned. Mr. Barletta's political opportunism is based on hatreds and divisions that strike at the heart of desperate people who instead of attempting to find logical solutions to their plight, would rather go the scapegoat route and blame the Hispanic community. We have seen this scenario played out time and again throughout the annals of history. Our responsibility as Americans is to see that the scapegoat game does not succeed. I believe that when the chips are down that most Americans are decent and honorable people who will do the correct thing. Mr. Barletta may have done us a favor by running in the election of '08 as he will not win. Had he waited he would have had a more gainful chance. Providence intervenes in mysterious ways my students.

Zen said...

professor, Barletta has never been against the hispanic population in Hazleton. He is against the illegal immigrant population. There is a vast difference between the two groups. Much like the difference between a pharmacist (a legal drug dealer) and a dope dealer on the street. One is doing his job and earning an honest wage, the other is committing a crime.

Rain Man said...

Although I think the uproar over illegal imigrants is a ploy by the right wing to distract everyone from important issuses, i.e. the war, national safety, etc. I do not hear any politician Democrat or Republican give a logical way to end illegal imigration, and the solution is simple. Fine the employers that hire them. If they have no jobs to come here for they will stop coming. Get rid of the demand for them and the supply will dry up. I don't know why supply siders don't understand that.

Anonymous said...

barletta keeps saying he wants to stick to issues, maybe some jack off on his campaign staff or web designer could put one f---ing issue stance on his web site.

barletta is a dork, he wants to talk about issues, the web is a great place to get your issues out there. or what none of his lame brain d.c.'s carpetbagging hacks knows shit about the area and don't know what to tell lou to think?

pj the wb lefty said...

I'd buy that he's against illegal immigration arguement except for the fact that one of his ideas in the whole law that he tried to put into place was to make English the official language of Hazleton. Tell me how that will specifically stop illegal immigration? Don't you think that would make it hard for legal immigrants as well coming over that hadn't yet learned the language (much like mayor Lou and 99% of the city of Hazleton's ancestors)?

Zen said...

I have no problem whatsoever with English being the officila language of Hazleton. It should be for the whole country!! Will it stop illegal immigration? Of course not. Will it make it more difficult for people that don't speak English? Yes. Perhaps that will give them even more incentive to learn it.

pj the wb lefty said...

If he says he's really only concerned with illegal immigration shouldn't h e advocate policies that specifically combat that rather than something that will possibly affect legal immigrants as well?
And how is he going to select business and residences that he feels are breaking his law? Is he simply going to go after obvious targets? Or is he going to go into the industrial parks and his friends' businesses as well? Is there a part of the plan that makes sure it's carried out fairly and without regards to what your last name is or where you live in the city?

Robes said...

Hey anon, your language is a little harsh, but I checked Barletta site and you are correct. There is no issues section. WTF. Who runs for office, puts up a web site and does not discuss any issues.
I am a republican but Lou Barletta is a rank amateur. I doubt I can bring myself to vote for him.
Couldn't the republicans find any people who actually are I don't know, smart?